The Love Story

Matt and I have been together now for four years. Our 1st year anniversary passed and neither of us remembered it until two months later; and regrettably, the same thing happened pretty much every year that has followed before this one. I’m proud to say we actually remembered it! I find it amusing that, before we actually hit the “year” milestone, we celebrated monthly anniversaries.

We met through my older sister; S. Matt was living with his mom who was a good friend of S and lived around the corner from her. I showed up at S’s doorstep one night, a tad bit drunk and ready to party. She called Matt and a few other neighbors down to get a party started, since it was a Friday (or Saturday…can’t remember) night. I was instantly attracted to him and he to I (or so he says, anyway). We flirted all night, but he went home and sort of feel off my radar for a bit [note; a day. Maybe.] I had other guys interested in me and, at that point and time, I was only looking to have a good time.

But, then Matt added me on Facebook. And we flirted, a lot. And he’s hot right? So how could I pass up that opportunity? I couldn’t. Things heated up for us at S’s Jack and Jill, when he bought me a tray of jello shooters, several mixed drinks and we both got totally wasted and made out in front of all of S’s in law family plus my own. It was bomb. There may or may not [note; MAY] have been a kissing booth involved. I paid five bucks for our relationship, technically. [note; I got a lot for that five bucks…knocked up, engaged, in even more debt than before…best five bucks ever spent.]

Matt didn’t ask me out until February 25th (two days after the Jack and Jill). Like a typical guy, he made me wait for two days stressing out that he thought our make out session had been a mistake (and seriously, it was ONLY a make out session). In reality, he was just too nervous to ask me out because the thought that I thought it was a mistake (cause, you know, I was totally loaded).

Fast forward to seven months into our relationship; we find out we’re pregnant. Definitely not planned or expected, but it was the best thing that could have happened to either of us. Matt’s life wasn’t going in any particular direction one way or the other (and neither was mine, for that matter). The pregnancy and baby pushed us both to grow up and get serious about life. We both grew up a lot thanks to N, and while I don’t recommend getting pregnant to speed up your maturing…it worked for us. [note; don’t try it at home folks.].

Matt proposed on Christmas Eve 2008.

We’ve had our ups and downs, our struggles and our bumps in the road. We’ve been broke and in debt deeper than we cared to admit, we’ve had mega fights over the stress of being a young couple with a baby and a huge pile of debt. We’ve barely scraped by while Matt attend college full-time and somehow managing a second baby. It’s been hard but, we’ve made it. We’ve grown stronger from each struggle and helped each other up when the other one couldn’t stand due to all the pressure and suckage.

We tend to do everything ass backwards, but it works for us. I’m so in love with this man and each day that love only expands and grows. I didn’t think it was possible. I’ve seen him at his worse (no job, no direction) and he’s seen me at my worse (screaming, stressed out tyrant of a new mom) and we still see the best in each other.

6 Responses to The Love Story

  1. Heather says:

    that’s so sweet! And your ring is GORGEOUS 🙂 I love the hearts!

  2. Chelsee says:

    I loved reading this, it’s so cute!! Lol I miss you girly, it feels like forever.

  3. Danielle says:

    I loved reading this because once again it basically mirrors my life!
    Ryan and I met each other when we were kids because we grew up in the same neighbourhood. We “re-met” at a mutual friend’s party many years later where we drunkenly made out. He also made me worry by not calling for not two but THREE days (the agony). We got pregnant 3 months into our relationship…like you I don’t recommend it…but also like you two, it worked for us. We got engaged in January 2009 which is only a month after you got engaged!

    It’s so nice that you got your happily ever after. It gives me confidence we will too.

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