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Beauty and the Illusion

When I was in high school, I was very insecure about, well everything. Especially the way that I walked. I walked with a very noticeable limp. I tried to force myself to walk “normally”, but that stubborn limp was extremely … Continue reading

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I see them almost daily…the constant Facebook or Twitter rants about how “annoying it is when you text someone and they don’t reply but post something on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram”. I’ve gathered that people find that incredibly rude. I used to think … Continue reading

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Where is the Village?

In my post yesterday, I discussed my rather intense feeling about judgemental other parents. Today, I’m going to sound totally contradictory as I discuss “the village”. You know the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child“. Everyone’s heard … Continue reading

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What I Hate About Parenting

I’ve been feeling pretty catty and resentful lately about parenting, and it’s not because of my beautiful children. They scarcely have anything to do with it, save for the fact that they’re my children that I am parenting them. Nay, … Continue reading

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On Competing

I suppose, in a couple ways, that it’s good to be competitive. It’s good to strive for more, to want more. It’s motivational to be competitive. But there are good ways to be competitive, and then there are bad ways … Continue reading

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Is it just me…or is the new trend social media shaming these days? You’ve probably seen one of the many articles or videos out, about how we all need to put down the phones and socialize. And yes, I do agree … Continue reading

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The Thing About Easter…

I wouldn’t say I don’t believe in a deity, I just haven’t given much thought to religion. I was raised to believe in God, but that he doesn’t take attendance and so long as you’re a good and kind person, … Continue reading

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