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At War (With My Body)

 I’ve always been at war with my body. The struggle to do all the things I want to do whilst not “over doing it” and causing additional pain to the chronic pain I feel daily has always been a … Continue reading

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When is it okay to ask a disabled person about their disability?

When I was a kid, I would get home from school and watch TVO Kids. That tradition has sort of carried on, to my children. They love the dinosaur shows, Arthur, The Magic School Bus, Finding Stuff Out, The Reading … Continue reading

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Shut Off

Humans tend to say hurtful and cruel things when in a fight or disagreement, because they feel hurt and angry and they want to make the other person feel exactly how they are feeling. The best way to do that is to … Continue reading

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Useless Zombie or Total [Useless] Bitch

When my pain levels get to the holy shit, this is unbearable point, I get to make the conscious decision between being a useless zombie or a total bitch. It’s really a lose/lose situation for me, considering…who wants to be … Continue reading

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Just a Couch…

If you have a chronic pain disorder, you know how frustrating it is to hear “but it’s just [insert whatever activity here]” from somebody after you’ve asked for help, or confessed your difficulties with said task. I try my hardest … Continue reading

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