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Merry Ho-Ho-Ho

Christmas Day is just two more sleeps away! Which means I have about five minutes to toss together a quick little post, in between trying to wrap presents, finish last minute shopping, and not overdose on eggnog (which, for the … Continue reading

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No Air

I’m sick right now, with either a head cold or allergies. My eyes are leaky and I can barely see without squinting. My nose is so clogged and yet somehow, so runny. It’s really not a pretty sight. Plus…it feels … Continue reading

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So This Is Christmas

I know when I last posted, I was feeling extremely down in the dumps and mopey. Luckily, those icky feelings passed and my mood started to improve shortly after writing that. I wasn’t exactly on my A-Game when it came … Continue reading

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Ways In Which I’ll Be More Prepared Next Time:

Can I confess something? I wasn’t really prepared for this ice storm. In fact, I wasn’t prepared at all. I didn’t even know it was coming. I could have easily known, had I occasionally watched the news or checked the … Continue reading

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Dear Life:

I saw this over at Heartbeats and Little Feet, and thought it was a great idea to unleash some pent up frustration on the things in life that I’m struggling to deal with. So, I’ve complied letters of my own … Continue reading

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Christmas Newsletter

{via} Remember those family newsletters that certain people would send out each Christmas, giving a detailed breakdown of their wonderful achievements and all the wonderful things their wonderful children did? Truth be told, I always used to scoff at those. … Continue reading

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Donating During the Holiday Season

This topic has been weighing heavily on my mind for quite some time, and every year it resurfaces during this season. The holidays are stressful. You go into it knowing that it’ll be expensive and stressful. The pressure we put … Continue reading

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