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The Feels…

I have an exciting announcement… Collide is now available for purchase on Kobo! That means all of you lovely people who have been patiently waiting to purchase Collide on Kobo can do so! (You can also still purchase it on Amazon for Kindle). … Continue reading

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The Getting There

I’ve been kind of stuck in this awkward, weird, depressing, and almost painful limbo. All the things I want to do, I can’t…at least not right now. Which makes me feel kind of bummed out and a whole lot restless. … Continue reading

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I’m so….ratchet?

Yesterday, I sort of got into some Facebook drama. Unintentionally, but it happened. I was sitting in the waiting room of the x-ray department at the hospital we took Nolan to for his gastro issues (he needed an x-ray of … Continue reading

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Father’s Day/My Birthday

For as long as I can remember, I’ve shared my birthday with Father’s Day. I never minded, though…and I still don’t. How could I get mad about celebrating the amazing fathers in my life? I still get cake. Win/win, right? … Continue reading

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Happening Lately

Guess who came home a couple days early? Last Monday, I got a message from Matt’s boss telling me they managed to change the flight arrival time from the 15th at 11:38pm to the 13th at 11:38pm. I didn’t tell … Continue reading

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Strange Place

I have been in a strange place lately. Getting momentum and motivation to go about my day has become a challenge. I just want to sleep in. I’m sure, I hope that all parents have days like that…days where they … Continue reading

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We NEED Stigma Fighters

Health care and awareness, heck even empathy for mental illness is severely lacking. We have an issue on hand, an issue that’s glaring obvious won’t go away by turning our heads. This is why we need organizations and causes like … Continue reading

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