Books by J.C. Hannigan

“It wasn’t like I actually thought I’d be able to seduce my English teacher.” Collide by J.C. Hannigan 


J.C. Hannigan writes new adult romance novels that focus on social issues, mental health and stigmas. She loves a good love story! Her characters are be beautiful and tragic, perfectly imperfect beings that the reader will fall in love with and desperately route for throughout the story.

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Her debut novel, Collide, is a romantic suspense novel about a 17-year-old girl named Harlow Jones.


Harlow has a troubled past, and a questionable future. Surrounded by death, tragedy, and intrigue, she is forced to mature long before her time. Plagued by anxiety and depression, she hides her inner turmoil with spite and sarcasm. Her thick skin is impenetrable. That is…until she becomes involved with her grade 12 English teacher.

Check out the book trailer for COLLIDE, created by the beautiful Sarah Fader!

You can buy Collide for Kindle or Kobo.


Consumed is the sequel to Collide. It is recommended that you read Collide before starting Consumed. This second book in the series follows Harlow Jones in University.


Jax Walker is tall, dark, and deliciously handsome… not exactly what Harlow is looking for. Her heart’s still stuck on Iain Bentley and it’s been a painful struggle since she last saw him. Two years of silence and wondering, of desperate sleepless longing. But Jax is a hard man to resist. Just as she’s prepared to open herself to new love, Harlow’s whole world is thrown into a painful spiral.

Check out the lovely trailer created by Sarah Fader!

You can buy Consumed for Kindle and Kobo.


Damaged Goods is coming in April 2015.

Everly Daniels is the shy wallflower who is afraid to participate. In her senior year of high school, all that’s about to change.

Ever since that fateful day five years ago that she locked eyes with Grayson Dixon, she has been inexplicably in love with him. Drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Grayson has a pull on her that she can’t seem to break, and she’s not sure she wants to.

Grayson Dixon may be the love of her life, but he’s damaged goods. He’s built walls around himself that only Everly can breach. But Grayson knows he’s not the good guy. He’s reckless and careless, and even if Everly brings color to his life, he worries he’ll destroy her, and cares too much to let that happen.

Watch the book trailer made by Sarah Fader!

Add Damaged Goods to your Goodreads To Be Read List.

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