Chronic Pain, Depression and Anxiety: Jessica Davis

My updated story for Stigma Fighers!

I was an original Stigma Fighter, so my story didn’t show up on our Canadian site. I had to change that, as I’m content manager of Stigma Fighters Canada and it seemed a little strange to not have my own story up there.

So, enjoy and I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday!

Stigma Fighters Canada

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been in pain.

I was born with a bone disorder called Mulitple Hereditary Exostoses. Nobody in my family had it; I was a rare case where it wasn’t hereditary for me, but a genetic mutational. I was a fairly happy kid, I guess. I tried to smile through the pain, and I only started to get sad when I started to realize the differences between me and everyone else.

MHE is incredibly hard for me to explain in just a few short sentences. I basically have bone tumors that grow along the long bones and joints of my regular bones. As a child, my doctor referred to them as “bumpy bones” or “extra bones”.

These bone spurs (growths, tumors, extra bones or whatever you want to call them) cause a lot of pain on a daily basis. They rub up against…

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