A Little Taste of Damaged Goods

I had so much fun doing my first author take-over last night. The party is still going, so go check it out and make sure you enter all the giveaways! You could win some awesome things! Plus, this is also happening: another giveaway on my Facebook page, closing on Monday the 24th.

I also revealed a little taste of my current work in progress, Damaged Goods, on Facebook last night. For those of you that missed it…

“Kissing Grayson was explosive, intense, and everything that kissing Kyle hadn’t even managed to come close to. Grayson made me forget all my insecurities, kissing him made me want all the things that I feared. He had a power over my mind, my heart, and my body…and I knew that it was unbreakable.

Only, Grayson didn’t want me. At least, not completely. I could feel his desire against my lower abdomen, but the words he’d said time and time again rattled around in my brain. I can’t feel that for you. I’m not boyfriend material. I can’t be what you want me to be.

Still, my body responded to his as if I didn’t have a choice. I wanted to go with him, wherever he wanted to take me…for however long. It was better than the silence, better than not being with him at all.”


I’m having a lot of fun writing Everly and Grayson’s story, even if some moments make me super sad. I think you’re all going to love it! You can add it to your Goodreads “to-be-read” list now!

Damaged Goods will release in early 2015.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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