Damaged Goods Cast of Characters & Blurb

During last years NaNoWriMo, I wrote the first 50k words of Collide. I had a lot of fun “casting” visual actors (or models) and writing a little blurb on each key player.  I figured I would do the same for my current work in progress, Damaged Goods. (I’ve also created a Pinterest board for Damaged Goods, Collide and Consumed).

The Damaged Goods unedited blurb [that I literally just threw together right this very second]:

Everly Daniels is the good girl, the shy wallflower who has spent the last three years planted firmly in the background, afraid to participate. In her final year of high school, that’s all about to change. She’s sick of playing it safe.

Ever since the 8th grade, she has been inexplicably in love with Grayson Dixon. She is drawn to him like a moth to a flame. Grayson has a pull on her that she can’t seem to break. Everly tries to move on, but nobody holds a candle to Grayson.

Grayson Dixon is damaged. He has difficulty connecting with people because of the solid walls he’s built around himself. Only Everly has ever been able to get through to him, and that scares the ever living shit out of him. Grayson knows he’s not the good guy. He’s reckless and careless, and even if Everly makes him care about something for the first time ever…he knows he’ll be her destruction, and he cares too much to let that happen.

Grayson realizes just how deep his attraction runs for Everly when he sees her trying to move on…with Kyle. Everything changes when he realizes that he could lose her…

It’s no easy fleet, loving the broken and the damaged…especially at the tender age of 17. Will Everly’s love be enough to overcome Grayson’s hang ups, or will they shatter each other beyond repair?

One thing that I love to do when I’m not actually writing is think nonstop about my characters and envision what actors and actresses would play them if it became a movie. It’s an entertaining way to pass the time, and it keeps me focused on my projects. Plus, it’s a major challenge to put an actual face to a fictional face.

I thought it would be fun to share my “picks” along with a little blurb on some of the characters from Damaged Goods. Enjoy!

Everly Daniels 

I wrote Everly Daniels to be a naive, innocent 17. She has a stable home life and a great relationship with her parents and a positive, if not distant one with her older sister.

She is described as the shy wall-flower within her group of friends, forever holding a burning flame for the mysterious Grayson Dixon. When her crush lands her with a broken heart, Everly decides some changes are in order. She spent the majority of her high school career pinning after Grayson, and he’s made it clear that he’s not interested. She is determined to put him in the past, where he belongs, and enjoy her final year of high school…before all the decision making has to happen.

But then, he shows up back into her life. He’s everywhere she looks, and even though Everly has caught the attention of Kyle Russell…she can’t turn off her strong feelings for Grayson.


I pictured Chloe Grace Moretz for Everly. She’s got the wholesome, sweet look, but still has the “there’s more to me than meets the eye” appeal.

Grayson Dixon 

Grayson is a very broken soul. He is emotionally disconnected from virtually everyone around him, until the day he looks across the classroom and lays eyes on Everly Daniels.

Grayson’s parents are divorced. His father lives with his new wife and two young children, while his mother moved to a small two bedroom apartment. Grayson moved in with her, not wanting her to be alone. She fell into an ugly pit of despair and developed a major drinking problem, and ended up losing her job, and later…their apartment. Grayson spent two years trying to bring her back, but her misery is all-consuming. He ends up moving back to his Dad’s.

Being back home is a hard adjustment for Grayson. Seeing his father interact with his new family in the house where he grew up isn’t easy.

Grayson has a lot of resentment and rage at his family, and at the world…but Everly has always been the one to get the good out of him. She is the light, and he is the dark. He knows that he will destroy her. He ultimately wants to protect her from experiencing heartbreak that he feels he will likely cause.


He is described as tall and formidable. He has dark, carelessly messy hair and intense, glacier blue eyes. He has a hoop in the middle of his bottom lip and a bar through his left eyebrow.

I was torn over Matt Lanter and Steven McQueen for Grayson because he totally nails the brooding teenager with a chip on his shoulders, but Matt Lanter ended up winning because of those EYES. Those stinkin’ eyes!

Kyle Russell

Kyle is accustomed to getting what he wants, and he wants Everly. She’s a refreshing change from the usual girls he dated – like her good friend, Lindsay, whom he briefly dated in grade 11. She’s smart, she’s quiet, and she’s got a hidden talent…the girl can sing like no other. Her husky, contralto voice is the perfect fit for his band.

He is flirtatious, charismatic and well liked. He is the lead singer/guitarist of a band he started with his friends Marcus Muller and Cam Turner.


Kyle is described as being the “high school heart-throb.” He’s good looking with fair hair, light eyes, and a swoon worthy smile. Chord Overstreet is my muse for Kyle, because a) he’s incredibly talented in acting and music, and b) he just looks the part, doesn’t he?

Aubrey Day

Aubrey is Everly’s best friend and number #1 go to person. They’ve been friends forever, and Aubrey knows all of Everly’s secrets. Aubrey has a caring, friendly personality and is liked by everyone. Aubrey doesn’t have a cruel bone in her body, but she will stand up for her friends.

Elizabeth Gillies Aubrey

Aubrey is described as having auburn hair and sea green eyes that make her appear ethereal. It’s hard to find a perfect fit for her…but so far, Elizabeth Gillies wins out for me.

Lindsay Little

Lindsay is a rather cut-throat character. She embodies the selfish, spoiled female teen, through and through. She is the only child of two rather vacant parents. She doesn’t get a lot of attention at home. She is insecure, and her way of coping with her insecurities is to passively pick apart those around her – even her friends.

She is, more or less, the antagonist of this tale. She is behind or involved with nearly every drama. Lindsay loves to be the center of attention, and can’t stand it when she isn’t. When Everly starts getting more and more attention, Lindsay panics and tries to sabotage it.

AbigalBreslinI sort of picture Abigal Breslin for Lindsay when I write.

Alicia Garcia

Alicia is another one of Everly’s close friends. She moved to town the summer before grade nine started, and lives beside Lindsay. Lindsay was the first person that she met, and she instantly became attached to Lindsay’s side. When Alicia first moved to town, she was chubbier and blind to fashion. After befriending Lindsay, Alicia makes a lot of changes about her appearance. Lindsay’s opinion and approval has always been very important to Alicia, so when Lindsay starts making fun of Alicia for being “chubby”, Alicia strives to change her body and starts dressing similar to Lindsay.

Her dramatic weight loss alarms Everly and Aubrey, but Lindsay seems unconcerned with it and even compliments Alicia on her “success”.

But Alicia has a big, dark secret that is eating her up…


I see Isabelle Fuhrman playing Alicia.

Marcus Muller

Marcus is Kyle’s best friend, and the drummer/band manager of the band that Kyle is in. He’s handsome, talented, and dreams of fame and success as a musician. He has a humorous, light heart, but he’s also got a serious side, especially when it comes to his music. Marcus is the brains behind the operation, and he knows a good thing when he sees it, too. When Kyle suggests that they ask Everly to join their band, Marcus knows that she’s the one that will give them the edge that they need.

It’s a bonus that Everly’s best friend just so happens to be the same girl he’s been crushing on for the past year, which means he’ll be spending a lot more time with Aubrey…


I had such a hard time trying to find an actor that fits what Marcus looks like in my mind. Marcus has his mother’s light eyes and his father’s darker skin. I guess if I had to pick, I sort of see him as a younger Jesse Williams.

Cam Turner

Cam doesn’t get a whole lot of “screen time”. He’s the third amigo in a trio of music loving guys, the last member of the band. He plays the bass, and he’s rather good at it. He is the background guy, and happy to be so.

JonathanI sort of see Jonathan Lipnicki as Cam, which makes me feel incredibly old when I think about it…considering he was a little kid in Stuart Little.

* * * *

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  1. Perfect cast! I can’t wait to read this.

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