Outlines & Outtakes

Do you know whats incredibly frustrating? When you are literally almost, nearly finished writing a book and are completely stuck on actually finishing it. I believe they call it “writer’s block”, and I have a very bad case of it right now.

It’s like this…I can see the ending in my mind. I know what’s going to happen…but every single time I sit down to actually write, I freeze. My mind whirls and pops with all the ideas and voices, but my limbs remain still. My fingers twitch with anticipation and eagerness, but aside from the twitch…the words won’t spill out from my brain through my fingers to the computer screen.

Maybe it’s the distractions…oh, I have plenty of those. Little voices and furry faces that interrupt with demands for food, affection and attention. Which they all need immediately the moment my ass lands in front of the computer.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am mentally psyching myself out. I’m so close to the ending…so close…and yet…so very far.

Maybe it’s because NaNoWriMo is around the corner, and I keep thinking about how I need a new plot for that. You can’t use a work in progress that’s already halfway done.

I’ve been reading tips, things other authors suggest when faced with writer’s block. Sit down and write. It doesn’t matter what you write, so long as you write…every day.

I’ve been doing that, I’ve been writing every single day. I’ve either been firing out blog posts or writing in my paper journal. Aside from that, I’m stuck. Unable to finish my current manuscript thanks to this massive writer’s block that I can’t seem to beat down.

I’m hoping NaNoWriMo will give me the mojo I need to overcome this writer’s block, but I’m also hoping it won’t take that long. I’m hoping I can at least fire out a few more chapters of my current manuscript before I take a break for NaNoWriMo.

In the mean time, here is a picture of my face:


Also, a random thought…why do people harp on other people for taking selfies? I never used to like the way I looked. In high school, I downright hated my appearance. As I’ve aged, I’ve found myself appreciating my own beauty…both inner and outer. I don’t think that’s conceded at all, I think it’s remarkable and refreshing to go from hiding behind multiple layers and denying myself any postive comments about my looks, to embracing the body I’ve been given and feeling good about myself.

So, next time you make a joke about a “selfie addict”, remember…self love is good and feeling good about ones own appearance is a good thing. If posting pictures of yourself is not your style, well…so be it. Just don’t make jokes at someone else’s expense and make them feel bad for it, or I’ll have to bust out my preaching skills.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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3 Responses to Outlines & Outtakes

  1. Katie says:

    Writer’s block sucks! I hope you overcome it soon. 🙂 What is NaNoWriMo?
    I agree with your take on “Selfie Addicts”. I love people who take lots of selfies. I used to take tons, but with lack of a better camera, I don’t care much to take them anymore. Maybe when I get a better camera or phone. I don’t care too much for the people who take repeated shots of the SAME photo and post ALL of the photos, but it’s what they like and there’s nothing wrong with that. You are right, people should self love more!

    • NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. One month to write a novel or 50,000 words. It’s a kick in the pants kind of challenge and it’s actually how I started Collide. 🙂

      Thanks hun. I hope I will get over it soon…maybe today!

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