People are SERIOUS about their Tim Hortons

Nolan had another PT/OT appointment this morning and both his therapists are impressed with how far he’s come and how much his mobility and fine motor skills have improved.

I had to have Matt’s mom drive us, because Matt had the truck. The centre was full of kids, so instead of waiting an hour in the crowded waiting room for Nolan to finish his appointment, Kim and I decided to take Archer to Tim Hortons. We pulled into the drive way and followed the painted arrows into the drive thru.

We kept hearing a honking and yelling. We looked around, wondering if we were in trouble but saw nobody. We assumed the workers on the roof were shouting or someone was honking in another drive way.

Then someone pulled in behind us while we were ordering. He was a big guy in some kind of SUV or something, and he was honking and yelling at us and making all kinds of threatening gestures. I assumed it was because we were taking “too much time” to order (the cashier had made a mistake and we asked her to correct it).

When we pulled up to the window, Kim asked the cashier what the deal was of the customer behind us.

“Did you turn left into the drive thru?” She asked.

“We followed the arrows…so yes…” Kim answered.

“Well that’s why, you cut him off. You’re supposed to go around and turn right in the other parking lot.”

Kim and I both felt bad. We’d never been to that Tim Hortons before and were simply following the arrows. We had no clue that other parking lot was even a part of the Tim Hortons. At the same time, the man’s enraged yelling and freaking out was making my anxiety sky rocket, and my toddler was wondering what all that noise was. I couldn’t believe just how enraged he got over it. We told the cashiers we were very sorry for having cut off people and paid for the guy’s order.

So, to the man at Tim Hortons that we accidentally cut off and completely enraged: we are sorry. But….maybe next time, react with less anger and rage. People make mistakes, especially people unfamiliar with that town/Tims. Allow them a moment to rectify the situation, but if you react like that...well, you won’t often get an apology because that behavior is downright terrifying. We weren’t knowingly meaning to cut you off and ruin your entire day.

And to that particular Tim Hortons: fix your damn arrows and cutting people off won’t happen.

It bewilders me still, hours later, just how angry and reactive society is. Gone are the days when we are compassionate or at least polite. I am a none confrontational person, and having someone get completely enraged and freak out over a simple mistake makes me turn into an anxious mess.


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4 Responses to People are SERIOUS about their Tim Hortons

  1. Tim Horton’s drive-through restaurants are like debit machines. I swear no two are alike. The one in the north end of our town is a strange one, too. To access the main parking lot your turn left in front of the store. However, If you want the drive-through, you must pass the entire mini-mall complex and take the next left behind all of the buildings, work your way to the rear of the pet store, cross the lot, and then to the rear of Timmies to the ordering machine thing.

    So, if someone is new to town, they would turn into the store lot, like any reasonable person would and there would be a good chance that they might “cut in” to line in front of someone who took the “normal” route. Hopefully they would not “cut in” front of your dude.

    Sorry you had a tense moment there. I’m also kind of sorry that you paid for his coffee. I get why you did that, to appease him. But his nasty behaviour was reinforced.

    • Jess says:

      It was my kind hearted mother in law who paid for his breakfast, I agree with you. I would have paid for it had the person been kinder and you know, less terrifying. You should never bully an apology out of someone…he’s lucky she gave one at all after that!

      And holy…what a crazy Tims that is lol

  2. WOW! What an over-reaction! You didn’t know you were supposed to turn that way. You were just following the arrows. He was probably just taking out his rage on something else that was going on in his life.

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