Concert Manners

I have a love/hate relationship with concerts. On the one hand, if I’m going to one it’s because I want to hear the bands and enjoy the music. On the other hand…concerts equal crowds, and the bigger the venue, the bigger the crowds.

I guess it could be argued that those who dislike crowds (and people) immensely shouldn’t be at concerts, however I believe there’s a way for us to still go and enjoy ourselves if everyone remembers their concert manners and etiquette.


On Sunday, Jill and I arrived early enough to snag a semi-decent spot on the lawn. We brought a blanket and made sure we left half an arms space between the people around us for politeness sake, and because Jill hates people and crowds as much as I do.

Minutes before the concert was to start, a group of 12, maybe 15 youngsters came and sat down on our right in a spot that would have been better suited for say a group of 5. They were immediately as close to us as could possibly be, and somehow even more squeezed in throughout the night. They crowded us and those around them, not wanting to go any further right because then their view would have been obscured by a fence and instead of maybe splitting up, they decided that literally sitting on our blanket would be appropriate. Only one guy in the group apologized for the invasion of space while the rest of them glared at us like we’d been the ones to arrive at the last possible minute and invade their personal space.

It was semi-tolerable until OneRepublic came on stage and everybody stood up and rocked out. Certain people in the group kept pushing closer and closer to us, literally stepping on Jill’s foot and on our blanket. At one point, Jill tried to politely nudge the girl with her elbow and she stepped even closer.

Jill and I begrudgingly moved, because it wasn’t worth trying to educate this group on concert manners.

It’s pretty simple though; don’t invade anyone else’s space if you can help it (and believe me, this group could have helped it!). If you accidentally bump into someone, apologize and remember where they are and where you are for next time. Do not take that as an invitation to move closer. Don’t arrive super late and squeeze in a ridiculous amount of people into a tiny space and if you do, have some of them on the outskirts and trade with them because you’re just punishing those who arrived on time to get a good seat.

Oh, and don’t glare at people you’re over crowding. It’s not their fault you lack common sense.

If you respect those around you, chances are someone won’t have to write a blog post about how rude and thoughtless you were.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Concert Manners

  1. I hate “space invaders.” That’s the worst! Especially when you have to tell someone more than one time to move!

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