Oh These Things

Lately, I’ve been more focused on living than usual.

I know, that’s just crazy. Usually, I get sucked into social media or writing or blogging and I see things happening around me without actually looking at them, you know? Distracted is how I run 99.9% of the time.

I’m still distracted, my mind is fluttering from task to task and thought to thought still as frantically as before…but I’m able to somehow slow all things down just a little and enjoy it just a little more.

I believe it’s called “summer”. In “summer”, it’s warmer out. The sunlight feeds my soul and I have less terribly achingly bad pain days. My pain days are rainy days or when I foolishly over work myself.

But, summer is the best time to foolishly over work myself because it’s hot and the sunlight is amazingly therapeutic. I actually want to be outside.

I’m less depressed because I am keeping busy and focusing on the things that bring me great joy…like spending as much time outside as possible with my family.


I’ve been working on my garden, lovingly weeding it and watching my plants grow.



I’ve never actually had a garden before, at least not since I was a kid. I am excited for my peppers and tomatoes and herbs to grow.

I’ve also done a lot of things for me. Summer is when I am kinder to myself. Summer is when I spoil myself…


I went to a concert with my friend Jill on Sunday. We saw American Authors, The Script, and OneRepublic perform at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto. It was an amazing concert, and a fun night out with my friend. I have a funny-ish post coming about concert lawn manners, too.

I also got a pedicure and manicure again. It’s embarrassingly silly how a mani/pedi can perk me up and make me less self-concious when wearing flip flops but I’ll take it.

Summer is almost officially here, Nolan’s last day is Friday but he’s kind of been playing hooky lately. He’s been constipated and we’ve been working on getting him to pass that blockage.




Ivy is doing great in her new home. She and Bane love each other, and she is respectful and gentle around the kids. She is a moose and a little (ok, a lot) klutzy, and she has hilarious expressions.

She will sit and wait for the command to eat, and walks great on leash, even beside Bane and even beside the stroller. She sleeps on her blanket beside Bane on the floor in front of our bed.

We need to work on her recall and begging, but we knew we’d be training her so no big deal.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to Oh These Things

  1. decidinglybob.wordpress.com says:

    You are right, I tend to leave the computer for late night or early mornings, when the sun is up I am out. Enjoy.

  2. Right there with you. I was getting overwhelmed with work and took some unschedule time off to hang out with the kiddos. Lately, we’ve al been going out to do stuff–also helps that I do not have an extra kid to watch.

    Monday we walked to the park. Yesterday I made shaving cream and food coloring paint for the boys.

    I love me some summer! Part of why I tried convincing Mr to move to AZ again–warmer weather almost all the time!

  3. Ivy!!! My ADHD is really kicked into high gear in the summer. There is something about the warm weather that gets me moving. I get where you’re coming from with all the projects. Also you are inspiring me to garden.

    • Jess says:

      I’m glad I’m inspiring you 😉 heh.

      It is hard to stay “still” and reflect. I keep moving too, and losing myself in these activities. It’s refreshing.

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