I’m so….ratchet?

Yesterday, I sort of got into some Facebook drama. Unintentionally, but it happened.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the x-ray department at the hospital we took Nolan to for his gastro issues (he needed an x-ray of the flat part of his abdomen). I happened to open my Facebook and read a status update that instantly annoyed me.
It was along the lines of “screaming children of [grocery store], I’m not saying you should SHUT UP, I just think you sound a lot better when I CAN’T hear you. Please teach your children some dicipline, I don’t come grocery shopping to watch Maury and play ring around the rosey, it’s embarrassing and not for me.”

It irritated me because not only was the originally post extremely judgmental and rude, but the majority of comments were as well. This person and her friends picked apart this mother she encountered and made fun of her, and unloaded SO much bullshit that I honestly couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

At first, all I said was this…


Then the comments continued to roll in and the original poster and her friends started to get vicious, saying things like “Don’t get your maternity panties in a twist”. I was eventually called ratchet because I tried to remind them to not be so judgmental. They got a five minute preview of a woman, they don’t know her or her story and it’s really not their place to say anything at all.

I apologized and told the original poster that I was sorry, I couldn’t associate with such cruel and judgmental people. I deleted her, because she wouldn’t stop her immature witch hunt or call off her dogs who were attacking me for defending the mom.

I honestly don’t have time for people like that, people who’s first reaction to a situation is to be cruel and judgmental and rude. Plus, this girl doesn’t have kids, so she doesn’t know how absurd the sentence “my kids won’t have temper tantrums in public” actually is.

This is what’s wrong with society. Instead of being compassionate and kind, people are cruel and selfish. They only care about themselves and lending a helping hand or giving a gentle smile is becoming more and more unheard of. It’s apparently “ratchet”, according to one girl, who also called me “too prim and proper for my own good”…which I’m pretty sure clashes with the insult of ratchet? Maybe?

Anyways, irritating Facebook drama aside…the boys are finally done their appointments in Toronto. Nolan does have a lot of issues with his tummy, mainly a blockage which we have to get rid of by chocolate laxatives and mineral oil. We got to visit with my uncles yesterday as well.

Then today, I saw my childhood specialist for the first time since I was 18. He met the boys and checked them out. We’re to keep an eye on Nolan’s leg and shoulder but for now, no surgeries. He wants to wait as long as possible since Nolan is so young.

It was surreal, seeing the doctor that did my first ever MHE related surgery and every one after that until I turned 18. But I trust him so I’ll feel a lot better about what he says.

We have a follow up appointment for nexr year, given that nothing changes.

I am revealed that our trips to Toronto are done with for now — I do not envy anyone who has to make that trip daily.

Tomorrow, we are going on a little family road trip. I can’t wait! Then on Friday, Nolan graduates kindergarten. This weekend will be hectic too…with a Scentsy BBQ Saturday and a concert on Sunday. Yup, this week is definitely the busiest we’ve had in a while. At least I haven’t been doing it all alone…

Also, please excuse the brain dump/rant.

P.S. I know a lot of you have been wondering what’s up with Collide. I will post an update on that very soon! It’s crazy how busy life gets…I need a personal assistant to keep me focused.


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3 Responses to I’m so….ratchet?

  1. Gerry says:

    Before I had kids, I wasn’t fond of kids. In a lot of ways, I’m still not, with my girls being the exceptions. I used to think my kids would not have tantrums and all that. I learned my lesson. But even back then I wouldn’t judge a parent for stuff like that unless it was at say a movie and they just sat there while the kid carried on. But it takes a special kind of entitled mentality to attack a parent for a tantrum at a supermarket. I only have a vague idea of what ratchet means but I think this was a case of the ratchet calling the wrench a tool or something to that effect.

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