Appointments & Adventures

Today I had my appointment at the Chronic Pain Clinic at Mount Sinai. The doctor I saw was really nice, and really helpful. We have a slight plan in place. I’m going to contact a closer hospital to me to attend the Chronic Pain Mindful clinic, and he sent a referral out to another doctor that would better be equipped to handle mg particular case (bleeding disorder, intolerance towards the opium family of pain killers, etc).

So, that’s all in the works.

My dad drove me, and after my appointment we went to visit my uncle. He manages several buildings in Toronto. He took us on a tour to see the abandoned and condemned houses. They’ll be torn down within the next year to make room for a new condo.

It was strange…walking through houses where someone once lived. People laughed, people made memories in these houses…and when they left, they left pretty much everything behind.

I know, I’m no photographer but I did snap a few pictures….


An alleyway between two houses…I couldn’t believe how little space there was between the houses. Yes, I’m new to the city…hey.


The fireplace in an extremely water damaged house. The paint was peeling off the walls…


The kitchen from the same house. They literally left everything – food, garbage, pots and pans…I don’t understand how people can just leave it all.


Exposed brick. It was falling apart in some places…I still love the look of exposed brick.


One of the houses front doors.


This bedroom was ruffled through, but mostly everything was still here. Clothes, toys, hair brushes, tickets from a concert, posters on the walls….so eerie.


The view looking up.


I couldn’t believe that they even left the canvas photo of a baby…


A pretty screen door.

It was depressing, and yet interesting to see what people left behind when they left. I wonder what they’re doing now, if they ever think about their old house and the things they left behind…

After that, my dad took me out to lunch. It was great getting to hang out with him for a day, and to see the ruins of condemned houses. And to maybe get a lead on pain management.


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2 Responses to Appointments & Adventures

  1. Kelly says:

    Beautiful! You have an eye for lovely shots.

  2. Great photo essay of an abandoned beauty.

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