This Month…

This month, with Matt gone, seems to be the month that everything is happening. New milestones are being met, and new parenting challenges have risen…all with my partner in crime far away from home.


Two days ago, Nolan lost his first tooth. It’s been wiggly for the past several days, and when he told me…I honestly got over-emotional. I was a little sad, truthfully, that Matt missed out on this first. But I handled it…er, the tooth fairy handled it. Nolan put his tooth in a dime bag inside his Scentsy buddy and awoke to five whole dollars in its place.

Nolan also had his first filling successfully completed. Oh, and he was written up for the first time ever on Friday for bad behavior on the bus. We had a long talk about it when we got home, and I’m going to have him separated from the other student he was sitting with on the bus. He’s never misbehaved on the bus before so…I’m going to give him a chance to make it right.

He also stole for the first (and hopefully last) time yesterday. We went to Target, so that Nolan could pick out a toy with the money the tooth fairy left him. While I was grabbing Archer out of the cart, Nolan disappeared for a moment. I panicked, and he rounded the corner. Relieved, I rushed them out to the truck. The neighbors came with us and we were just leaving the parking lot when Candice asked if Archer could have the candy.

“Candy? What candy?” I asked, not recognizing the candy suddenly in our midst. That’s when Nolan told me he took it. So, back into Target we went. Nolan carried the candy and gave it to the cashier, then he apologized for taking it without paying for it. She gave him a sticker for returning it, and said to me “proud of you mom.” It was both sweet and a little sad…as if more parents don’t return things their kids snatched. Sure, it was embarrassing, but he needed to learn – you can’t just steal. Things are not yours for the taking.

He told me he was sorry and had been scared having to bring it back. I told him that I hoped he learned his lesson. He said he had.

I actually did a similar thing when I was his age. I really wanted this egg thing from the post office. Mom said no and wasn’t paying attention, so I pocketed it. I didn’t know it was wrong per say until we got to the grocery store and she realized I had it. I thought I should hide it because she said no, not because it was wrong to take in the first place. She did the same thing, marched me back to the post office to return it and apologize.

So, that’s been fun. I think I’ve handled each situation alright. Maybe. There’s probably many judgmental momsters that have a different idea what “right” is, but they can eat a waffle.

Anyways, it hasn’t all been struggles and chaos. The boys’ are listening better and getting more responsiblities. If I want to shower, I tell them to stay upstairs and stay out of trouble. They are good at it now, because they like the “freedom”. They sit on my bed and read books.

On Saturday, I took them to the local indoor play area. I had almost two hours of peace from doing this…it was bliss.




On Sunday, we all worked in the garden and played a lot outside. I busted out Nolan’s new bubble gun, and the kids had a blast chasing bubbles.



Once the kids went to bed, I cracked open a beer and sat on the porch, enjoying the last rays of sunshine for the day. I seriously love our backyard. It’s a little oasis, even on days when we “do nothing”, we’re outside enjoying it. The kids love to help water the gardens, and to throw the ball for Bane.


We had a little campfire, too. People around us were doing fireworks, so we got to see several of them absolutely free. The company was good, the only things missing were smores and Matt.


At 11pm, I ended up “going in to check on the kids”, which loosely translated to “stuff my face with ketchup chips and go to bed”. I used to be able to pull all nighters, to drink from sun up to sundown with my friends. Then I had kids…and honestly? I am so proud of my 11pm cut off time because I usually don’t make it that long.


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4 Responses to This Month…

  1. tierney says:

    Sounds like you’ve got it all under control, good job! You must be so proud. Also, as a teacher, the tooth fairy in your part of town is definitely quite generous if ya know what I’m saying πŸ˜‰

    Keep doing what you’re doing with Matt gone, you’re doing great!

  2. Kelly says:

    I love that would-be “bad” milestones, like your child’s first theft, are instead well earned parenting gold stars. Very well handled, and an inspiration!

    • Jess says:

      Thank you Kelly! This is the beginning of more challenges, and important lessons for him to learn. I just hope I can guide him in the right direction every time!

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