Stigma Fighters – Making Waves

You would think that I would have an even easier time blogging, now that I have a working computer available to use. However, that is surprisingly not the case. I get so distracted by all the other things I need to do, like working on formatting Collide for e-publishing, that I get so overwhelmed and start looking at funny cat videos.

Plus, I’m still solo-parenting, and although I’ve found my groove in that (for the most part), it still requires a lot of time and energy. Obviously.

So, I apologize for the random hiatus. But I’m back! Sharing the exciting news of my dear friend Sarah Fader’s television debute! She was a part of a Mother’s Day segment for NY News!

How awesome is that? She did amazing! And she mentioned a very important series that she runs on her blog, one that I’ve mentioned before and one that I participated in: Stigma Fighters. Technically, I’m almost famous.

Seriously though, it’s awesome that Sarah is making waves with this series. Mental illness is something we, as a society, need to address and accept. We need to squish the stigmas, and Sarah’s series gives a platform to do just that!

If you suffer from mental illness of any kind, consider writing a post and being a part of the Stigma Fighter crew!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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2 Responses to Stigma Fighters – Making Waves

  1. You are famous! Yay! And I can’t wait for Collide to come out!

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