When the Ants Came Knockin’

Day 2 brought a massive wave of ants. An invasion. I truly do try to live by the “live and let live” code, but a thousand ants using my house as a personal restaurant is just….no. Not going to happen.

Of course, I have to be very careful what sort of ant killing products I use. I have a dog and two kids. Therefore, almost all the products are rendered useless. Except for ones I haven’t been able to pick up yet (due to empty wallet syndrome).

So, I’ve been battling the ants with a combination of vinager and water and dish soap and water. The vinager and water kills them, a little slowly, and throws them off their chem trail (but apparently they just make new ones? Or so it seems). The soapy water kills them dead quick times. Or at least, the ones here in the house. More flock in after the others are gone. It’s a constant battle.

I’ve been told that baking soda will kill them, and leave no bodies. It’ll just make them combust or something. But again, toxic to dogs. I also got a raid trap, but yet again…toxic to kids and dogs.

Unfortunately for me, the ants are coming in from a high traffic area. There is nowhere for me to put the raid trap that isn’t right where the kids or dog constantly walk through. Something shiny and new, such as a raid trap, would most definitely gain their attention.

And so, I spray each wave with those mixtures, clean up the remains and do the same thing in half an hour. Sigh.

On the plus side…my pantry and cupboards have never been this clean and organized. It’s given me the kick in the ass to actually cross that chore off my to-do list.





I basically put everything that is open (cracker boxes, pancake mix, noodles, jars of peanut butter, Nutella etc) up high. In the pantry, I left canned goods and dog treats/food.

My goal come pay day is to go and pick up some of those fancy sealed plastic containers for dog food, baking products,  cereals and what not (another thing I’ve wanted to do for a while now) and some Diatomacheous Earth. I’ve heard from a friend how amazing this product is for getting rid of ants and that it’s completely safe for pets and kids. SCORE!

In the mean time, my solution of spraying them with vinager water and soapy water will have to do. Even though it doesn’t completely solve the problem. I can’t even seem to find their nest! I think it’s under my front porch. Which is shitty because I can’t pour the soapy water down the hole if it’s under my porch.

Do you have issues with ants? How do you defeat the little buggers?


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7 Responses to When the Ants Came Knockin’

  1. mscat says:

    A thin layer of Borax spread along the ant path is supposed to work really well. I’m not sure if it’s toxic to dogs, though.

  2. Verlene says:

    Baby powder works as does ground cinnamon or ground cloves. They lose their scent trail and die after they walk through it. If they get up on your cabinets, put cinnamon sticks or whole cloves around the edges up against the wall or backsplash. They won’t cross it. Good luck against the little vermin.

  3. tierney says:

    No experience with ants but I did have a mouse infestation this winter, want to trade?? They came in to seek warmth and it took a lifetime to get rid of them- I was seriously about to move. Plus side is, just like you, I’ve completely organized my pantry. I bought extra extra large glass mason jars at Target ($3 each) and put all flour, sugar, rice, granola, etc. into them. Impossible for mice, ants, etc. to get into. Good luck!

    Also- dollarama has sticky ant traps. They walk into it and die. Maybe look into that while you’re waiting for payday!

  4. Gerry says:

    Coffee. They won’t cross it. That’s your barrier.

  5. alissawins says:

    We have tiny roaches at our place. Such a pain. If you tell the kids about poison and how it will make them very, very sick, so do not touch the raid traps, won’t they listen? Usually a good scare of YOU WILL DIE does the trick around here lol.

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