I’m so tired, my eyes are sagging.

Archer’s a bucket of fun when he’s sick. He’s the term “man-cold” in the shape of an adorable, blue-eyed toddler. He has a runny rose right now, and maybe a sore throat. Instead of knocking back some medicine and sleeping regularly through the night, he was up every hour last night crying. Reminding us about his sickness…hey…hey guys…you sleeping? Cause I’m sick…so you shouldn’t be sleeping.


I almost wish that Archer was the overly-cuddly type when he was sick. I wouldn’t mind him crawling in my bed for snuggles at night, if that meant he slept and didn’t wake us up every 30 minutes. Nolan is a sleeper – when he is even a little bit sick, he still sleeps. He whines [more], but he sleeps. It’s awesome, because he’s usually a fantastic sleeper too.

I’m so tired, my eyes are sagging. We have a busy day today too. Today my stitches and staples come out! And I have a Scentsy basket party to deliver to a host. Oh, and there’s the general busyness of having kids with the things they do.

I’ve sent Matt up for a few more Z’s, since I got a little more sleep than he did. Not much, but enough that I could probably handle breakfast and lunch prep for Nolan (after I knock back a coffee or two).

The other day, the lovely Sarah awarded me with the Liebster Award. I have my post half written, but my eyes are so heavy that I’m postponing publishing it until a little later, because I still have to choose 11 blogs and that’s a decision I can’t make in my current mindframe, or else I’ll be awarding Perez Hilton 11 times. That’s my mental state people. Perez Hilton isn’t even a real person. I’m pretty sure he’s a robot.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to I’m so tired, my eyes are sagging.

  1. Sarah says:

    I hope everyone feels better! And it took me a week to get my post done. Finding 11 blogs to nominate was the hard but fun part!

  2. maurnas says:

    I work with all men. They are unsympathetic when I am sick. But such babies when they are sick.

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