The Morning War

I think any person with children (or, you know…a job) can attest that mornings suck. Mornings especially suck when you’ve got two kids that like to wake up at the crack ass of dawn, and when those two kids don’t sweetly come into your room, crawl into your bed and patiently give you snuggles until you’re more aware, like they do in all those commercials and TV shows.

They more or less immediately wake up fighting and carrying on, because usually Archer is the first one to wake up…and I can’t be sure but I think his method of ensuring that his father and I jump out of bed as quickly as possible is to cross over to his brother’s side of the room and yank on his hair or slap him in the face until his brother wakes up wailing for us to “come get baby Archer off!”

No peaceful, blissful family cuddle session first thing in the morning here, that’s for damn sure.

Usually, I deal with the mornings. I’m a little bit more of a morning person than Matt is. Not by much, not at all. I still need two cups of coffee to get the engine firing on all cylinders, if you know what I mean (and did I really just use a car analogy that made sense? Cool! Matt would be so pleased).

However, I’m still recovering from surgery, which means Matt gets to deal with the mornings. And, well, everything else for that matter. My, how our roles have changed, Matt has sadly realized just how much I actually do vs how much he usually does. I’m not saying Matt doesn’t normally do a lot, but…well. I do more of the multitasking, more of the little things that he really didn’t realize were all that important until they hadn’t been done in days.

Multitasking is something I generally do with ease. I make breakfast, feed the kids, and clean my kitchen first thing in the morning with relative ease (although it’s still slightly aggravating when I haven’t yet had a cup of coffee). Every time I make food or get snacks, I clean the kitchen. I make food and get snacks a lot, which means I clean…a lot.

Mornings are usually crazy around here, because the kids literally don’t stop moving or talking from the moment they open their eyes. Their demands for food, juice, and snacks get fired out faster than one generally has time to have a morning pee or start a cup of coffee.

Matt is a typical male, he doesn’t really see the importance of doing the little things right away and then becomes totally overwhelmed when they pile up because why is it so disgusting and messy in here? He is beginning to appreciate all those “little things” I do, because I’m better at mornings.

I don’t mind doing the majority of house cleaning and kid management, really. I have a certain way of doing things, one that I have developed from when Matt was working full-time, and I don’t enjoy going off of our routine. When your husband takes over…he definitely goes off your routine. I have OCD like tendencies and holy crap it’s driving me nuts.


I feel like that soft spoken guy from Office Space. “Why don’t you just…but if you did…I was told there would…but my routine…my routine…that’s it, last straw! I’m burning the place down“.


Matt doesn’t want my “back seat routine management tips”. Matt actually does not care for routines at all (and he hates mornings more than cats hate water). His method of dealing with the piling up of little things that occur when one does not stick to the routine is to complain about it.


Men, man.

Now tell me…who’s better at mornings and routines/kid management in your household?


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6 Responses to The Morning War

  1. Hahahaha! Sounds exactly like my house. Wil
    Sucks at mornings.

  2. Katie says:

    I’m much better at mornings than M is. Kid management is really equal, we both do well, and we both suck at it, sometimes lol. My issue has been learning to like coffee, because without it, there would be no mornings for me lol. Cheers for 2 cups upon waking up!

    • Jess says:

      Cheers! I was the same way. Before kids, I definitely didn’t like coffee…after kids, I realized that it’s a damn lifeline!

      We also are almost all but equal on the kid management, generally! It just seems like I do “more” at times because of all the other things I add in, if that makes sense lol. Like Matt will make dinner but he can only focus on that. I will make dinner but also play playdough with the kids haha.

  3. lostlilies12 says:

    Gavin and I usually share morning duties. Breakfast cuddles and all that. Tristan hates mornings so he’s lazy usually.

    • Jess says:

      We’re more into sharing evening and nighttime duties. My need for solid, uninterrupted sleep is bigger than my need for help in the morning (although both would be greeaaaat lol). Matt usually takes Nolan to school if he doesn’t have to work, so that’s good! Lol

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