Let’s Talk About [Book] Sex

I’ve always been a very shy person when it comes to talking about sexual things. Unless I’m with my friends. But even then, I’d say something sexual (almost always to fit in with what they were saying) and turn 50 shades of red.

So, naturally, I’m kind of freaking out because in my book, Collide, there are a lot of…well, sex scenes. Not an unbearable amount but still. Enough.

When I told my dad I was nearly finished my book, he said “that’s great! When can we read it?” And then I realized that…oh my god, my dad is going to read my book.

Even if I don’t let him read it now, if it ever got published when it gets published*, I know he would buy one of the first copies. Which means he will be reading those scenes that I wrote. And so will Matt’s parents, probably his grandparents, probably my grandparents and our siblings and…oh my god. Family is going to read sex scenes that I wrote.


I don’t know why, but that intimidates the ever living hell out of me and makes me want to delete my book from exisistance…but I’ve already written it, and I do really love it, and I’ll never be the writer I want to be if I trash my work because I’m scared of the uncomfortable fact that people will read the sex scenes in it.

Authors…how do you deal with the fact that family members are reading the more uncomfortable scenes that you’ve written?

All that aside, I have some exciting news…I’ve started on book number 2 of Collide. This book will be told from Iain Bentley’s perspective, post everything that happens.

*Positive thinking, here.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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15 Responses to Let’s Talk About [Book] Sex

  1. Paul Davis says:

    Haha, right? That is the scary part. A lot of romance writers will use a cover name unless they’re really big. I don’t really have hardcore sex scenes (at least that I’m putting my name on). It’s “And they went into his room.” Done.

    • Jess says:

      Hardcore sex scenes. All up in this book lmao. Ahhhh. I’m also going to use initials and maiden name as my pen name. OH MY GOD.

      • Paul Davis says:

        So don’t tell them it released 😛 Tell them it never pulled through. Personally, I’m pretty nonchalant about what my family reads of mine. At parties and such I’m that guy who you know he’s going to say what he’s thinking, but a part of you really wishes he’d stop. Another part of you is laughing inside. Very hard.

  2. Canadian author Timothy Findley didn’t start writing much in the way of graphic sex scenes until he was well into his writing career. When asked in an interview what had changed for him that made him write more freely about sex, his response was, “My mother died.”

  3. There’s going to be a sequel?! Yes!!!!

    I used to freak out about that all the time. My great-grandmother reads my books! But I flat out asked my grandmothers what they thought of all the swears and sex and stuff, and they told me they didn’t care; they just wanted to read my books.

    So, my advice to you is don’t sweat it. If they like it, they’ll become your biggest supporters—which is pure gold in my case, because my family loves to read and they are huge champions of my books. I mean, I write about blow jobs and strippers. If my ninety-something-year-old great grandmother can still enjoy them, I think everyone can. 😀

  4. Karen says:

    Like I said before, your dad will be proud of you and knowing him, he’ll probably never mention those parts! And YAY to a sequel! Can you write it tonight so I can read it? Lol!

  5. I totally know the feeling. But I’m sure that the sex scenes add to the book and you’re a great writer 🙂

  6. Trauma Dad says:

    Can’t wait to read it! Well, I honestly don’t let my family know when I’ve written something racy (and believe it or not, I write some ridiculously sexual things). But if one of my kids wrote something like that, knowing I’ve always been cool with sex in general, I’m pretty sure I’d read it with no problems.

    • Jess says:

      Thanks Byron. I don’t think my dad would mind either but considering I have always been one to pretend I’m a virigin (even now – LOL), I don’t know haha. I’m still nervous but I will get over it! I’m sure the excitement of being published would make it easier to deal with maybe.

  7. I’ve always thought that the combined joy and “how you like me now?” that would come from getting a book published would easily bulldoze over the judgements and the awkwardness of people actually reading what I wrote.

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