Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not my favourite day of the year. In fact, it’s almost my least favourite day of the year. Actually, it is my least favourite day of the year.

Whenever I say that, I am instantly reprimanded by my friends. My friends will want to know why I hate it so much, and why I always have…

It’s simple, really. I hate Valentine’s Day because it puts such pressure on us all to spoil our beloved with tokens of affections, and if we don’t get spoiled (or do the spoiling), we feel crappy about it.

This Valentine’s Day, Matt and I argued. Then we kissed and made up. We broke the secret, unwritten rule that one must never fight on Valentine’s Day. We never were ones for rules.


He didn’t buy me flowers or chocolates, and I didn’t get him anything either. We prefer to wait until tomorrow, when all chocolate goes on sale. We are equally in agreement that sale chocolate is the best chocolate.

We don’t need a day to express our love, to shower each other with affection and tokens. We try to do that every day. Some days we suck at it, other days we are great at it. But guess what, Valentine’s Day still makes us both angry. Angry because we feel like we are letting each other down, angry because we feel the pressure put on by Hallmark and all those commercials to “show her you really care” by buying jewelry, flowers or chocolate. Angry because the message that’s being sent out is “if you don’t do something miraculous, you fail at love”.

Usually, we are both very good at ignoring this day. But now that we have a school aged child, it’s much harder to ignore. I had to help him fill out Valentine’s for his classmates (so much writing) and in turn, we got this sweet little Valentine.



I’ll admit, that warmed me and chipped away [some of] the ice around my heart. But I suppose anything involving my children makes me melt into a puddle of awww shucks.

I still don’t think much of Valentine’s Day, though.


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9 Responses to Valentine’s Day

  1. Paul Davis says:

    I’ve only had a gf for two. Apparently airplane tickets for a long distance isn’t good enough 😛 I try to treat my woman every day like it’s Valentine’s Day. Because statistically she won’t be my gf by the actual day.

    • Jess says:

      Lol wow! Airplane tickets should be good enough, they’re expensive and it gives you a chance to be together. You must have dated the wrong girl 😦

      And good point! Treat each other good every day and always buy her chocolate. Especially that one week a month…lol

  2. I’m with you! I gave Ted a pack of Nibs because I saw them at the dollar store and they are his fave. I would have done that any day, though. He brought be home some chocolates he’d been given at works. Chocolate is chocolate. There is no pressure in our house. Valentine’s Day is the same as every other day.

    But, like you, it was heart-warming to see my 5 year old participate in festivities at school and thoroughly enjoy the process. Chipping it away, as you say. Still, it’ll never be a big deal at our house.

  3. Word up! Valentine’s Day should be every day. It’s a nonsense Hallmark holiday and we should love each other every single day! Good idea about waiting until chocolate goes on sale 😀

    • Jess says:

      I think that maybe Valentine’s Day is a great holiday because without it, chocolate wouldn’t go on sale for 75% off…but I still hate it lol 😉

      And yes, it’s better to live every day treating each other kindly and doing small yet sweet things to show affection.

  4. lostlilies12 says:

    Thats an awesome card. You and matt are doing valentines right. Screw spoiling. We usually have supper together. And we each get to buy a movie we want. It keeps us happy. Sale chocolate is the best. We always go after holidays for treats. Why spend so much on them. You guys love eachother every day. Make it more for the boys. My dad used to get me a little teddy and a flower every year when I was little I loved it. Keep it simple and your boys wont believe in the corporate crap. They will see your true love and know thats what its about.

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