Let’s Talk Business

At the beginning of 2013, Amy planted the seed in my mind about becoming a Scentsy Consultant. She knew I adored the products (especially my Whoot warmer – I’m still in love with it), and she felt that I would really succeed at it. For almost six months I debated on whether or not to join, worrying I’d be no good at it. Finally, in October, I made the jump and became a consultant. It was surprising how easy it was. Within my first 15 days, I surpassed 500 PRV and earned the Shooting Star Enhancement Kit. I also achieved the Scentisational Start Level 1 for hitting over 1250 PRV by my 70th day, and I saw a promotion to Certified Consultant by my second month! 

Do you want a hear a little secret, too? For the last two months…I’ve been slacking in my Scentsy business. I haven’t actively been doing anything. December was a slow month for me, and I’m just kicking it into high gear for January now, after an inspirational pow-wow at Amy’s, wherein we talked about goals and what we want from our businesses. I realized that I wasn’t getting what I wanted from my business, because I wasn’t putting enough into it.

So, 2014 is going to be the year I shine in this business. I’m refreshed and ready to own it. I’m going to Spring Sprint in February, my first Scentsy conference. I plan on having at least 4 parties a month. Obviously, I can’t stretch myself too thin with home parties, but I’m totally not going to say no to online parties!

Speaking of which…I’m actually looking forward to people who are interested in hosting online parties for me. It’s really simple…all you need is Facebook. You could live anywhere in Canada or anywhere in America and still host a party for me. I’ll set up your party on my workstation, then I’ll do up a Facebook event. You invite all your friends and family, and I’ll do the rest! Let me know if you’re interested! It’d help me get my business even further off the ground, which is esscential (heh, I love plays on words too much…).

I have some more exciting news to share too…

Today, I had my first recruit join up! I now officially have a downline, which is incredibly exciting! I can’t wait to help my friend Jamie get her business started, and watch her thrive and grow.

Scentsy is also having an AMAZING promo on their starter kits…if you think Scentsy is something you’d be interesting in selling, now is DEFINITELY the time since you’ll get FREE SHIPPING on your starter kit!

Canadian’s will get their kit for $119, with the opportunity to earn up to $360 in free products.

joininjanuaryAmerican’s will get their kits for $99, and the chance to earn up to $300 in free products.

MERICAIt doesn’t matter the distance, I will not leave anyone in my downline out in the cold. If you have questions, need support or motivation – you’ll get it! Not only from me, but from my amazing upline.

Scentsy also has other deals for January…such as Bring Back My Bar:

BBMBFor $30 Canadian and $25 American, you could get a 6 pack of scent bars and you could have all of them off the BBMB list or mix and match with scents from the catalogue. Your choice!

And the Warmer and Scent of the month…

warmerofjanuary“I Heart You” is the warmer and “Forever Yours” is the scent, both are on sale for 10% off!



It’s been a while since I updated on my business, and I’m going to keep doing monthly updates on it so that you guys can hear about the deals Scentsy has going on. If you go to my website and subscribe to my Newsletter, you’ll be even more in the know too!






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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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4 Responses to Let’s Talk Business

  1. tierney says:

    Love seeing how excited you are about this. I’ve been reading you forever so I feel like were friends, just ignore how weird I am. Good luck selling this month!

    • Jess says:

      Thanks Tierney! Let me know if you’d be interested in hosting a party, or if you want to order anything! I definitely recommend snapping up some of the Bring Back My Bars scents 😉

      • tierney says:

        No party for me (sorry!) and I still have some of my other scents left but when I need more I know where to go! (Actually, my friends boss sells her locally but I still bought from you soo don’t worry, I’ll be back!)

      • Jess says:

        You better 😉 haha

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