We Did Things


Last night, I completely surprised myself by actually following through with plans we’d made with the neighbours. I almost bailed, and I won’t lie…the more people that showed up, the more I wanted to throw my bra off and stay in my comfy clothes with my Kobo and a glass of wine.

But, it’s harder to find excuses when the New Years get together you’re planning on going to is literally next door, like, in the same house, really. So I went. I had a few glasses of wine, shared some funny (to me, anyway) stories and laughed a lot. Saw two girls I haven’t really hung out with since I was 16 years old. They’re just as amusing as they were back then, intuned with one anothers stories and inside jokes. The kind of funny I could only ever hope to be (and never am), the kind of funny that you need another person for. Also the kind of funny only I really find funny, because I think I was the only one really laughing. But I kept laughing at everything, so maybe my social awkwardness is to blame. (Yes, let’s call it…social awkwardness.)

Notable Awkward Moments That Were Sort Of Funny:

1) When I shared the sex talk my mom gave me when I was 13, including hand gestures.
2) When the two girls I knew at 16 and I reminisced about that party we all went to when I peed on my own leg when trying to squat outside on an asphalt hill (pro tip: pee runs down asphalt hills. They call that gravity).
3) When we got into a discussion about ripped vaginas and stitches with a pregnant girl present (I’m so so sorry, pregnant girl who’s name escapes me. We weren’t intending to freak you out, but…alcohol. Moral of the story; do NOT deliver at that hospital).
4) A story that I didn’t share, but was so hilarious I actually almost peed my pants. (And no, as much as I want to, I can’t share that. But it is totally pee your pants funny so take my word for it and, I dunno, pee your pants).

It was good, as hanging out with our neighbours usually is, but Matt and I still bailed ten to midnight so we could share our New Years kiss alone in our home. Then I scarfed back a bag of chips and went to bed.

When I woke up, I was very cranky and groggy. Why does drinking always do that? Make you feel so good the night of and then miserable the next day? Especially when you have two, extra whiny kids that are fighting nonstop and literally driving you up the wall. No; I’m not hungover. I’m like this every morning. Not enough coffee and bacon, probably.



My mild crankiness aside, I’m feeling good. Wishing I’d thought to take out some bacon from the freezer, but content with the leftover Alfredo from last night.

The boys and I have been watching the Cinderella movies Dinsey Junior has been showing, and I’ve been conflicted about all that Disney shit. I mean, what’s with Cinderella and The Little Mermaid?! These men claim to be in love, but can only tell by the shoe size or singing voice? And we’re supposed to find this romantic?


After growing up watching this, it’s no wonder our society thinks Edward Cullen and Christen Grey are romantic. At least they were able to recognize who the “love of their lives” were without a shoe fitting or musical number.



Still not okay though.


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8 Responses to We Did Things

  1. Paul Davis says:

    I feel there were a lot of sexual innuendos. But hey, to love! 😛 And the New Year meme is awesome. If only it were going to actually happen. Have an amazing new year.

  2. Aussa Lorens says:

    Hahaha that Edward and Bella photo is hilarious and so true. Also! So true about those Disney movies, which is why Beauty and The Beast is really the only one we should try to live by (I mean… if you’re going to live by a Disney movie, that is). Sounds like your New Years party turned out alright and I’m right there with ya on the hangover…

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