The Obligatory New Year Resolution Type Post

On December 31st of every single year, people like to talk about their resolutions for the new year, or about all the major occurrences in the year prior. In the past, I’ve done neither, I’ve done both, I’ve highlighted the year and spoken only about my resolutions because the year sucked that bad.



This year, I’ve kind of already done a brief recap (where in I’ve already mentioned any and all things of substance) in that Christmas Newsletter post, so I won’t do that again (this year).



I debated on letting WordPress do the work (did anyome else get that handy email recapping their year on WordPress, or was that just me?), but decided against it because that seemed pretty lazy even for my standards (although I will tell you which of my posts was most viewed in 2013….it was this one, oddly enough). I decided I’d just have to get a little motivation to do a resolutions post, otherwise entitled:Things I Want To Do But Likely Won’t.

***Also, can I add in that I totally wrote this, clicked save, then went to Aussa’s blog and saw that she’s written a post pretty much entitled that, only it’s much funnier than this one and Aussa’s also in tomorrow, year 2014, already so clearly, she’s an alien. An alien who secretly likes wearing leggings-as-pants although she declares she doesn’t.

So, anyway, here are [some of] my 2014 Resolutions:

1. Be a better version of myself. It’s become apparent that I am not the best version of myself that I could be. I’m kind of an angry, wound up and yet deflated, stressed out and anxious version of myself that I don’t actually really like all that much. So, one of my bigger goals is to become better. Have more patience, be kinder (to myself and others), be more understanding, have more faith, relax more.

2. Focus more on my marriage. I’ll confess something…I don’t often focus on my marriage. I know, that sounds terrible…and it is terrible, but a lot of the time I don’t put a lot into it because of all the other things that drain me of energy. That’s going to change, because I realized I was inadvertently not focusing on it and that’s BAD.

3. Take my writing ambitions more seriously. I need to stop inwardly cringing when people ask me what are you doing with your time?”, which I do because I feel awkward with answering “I’m a writer”. I get the side eye, followed by the oh really, what do you write?” And then I get all awkward and almost defensive about it. I need to take pride in what I’m doing, and take myself more seriously. How can others take me seriously if I don’t?

4. Finish my novel. I debated on even putting this up, because it’s kind of a no-brainer, but then decided why the hell not? It’s my list, after all.

5. Loose some weight, get in better shape, eat healthier. Basically, the obligatory “exercise more” resolution sans the “exercise” part because the closest I’ll get to “exercising” is forcing my ass from couch to fridge and back. Okay, and from house to bus stop and back twice a day, which surely counts for something….right?

6. Grow my Scentsy business and save/pay off debt. Since the beginning of my time, I’ve always sucked at saving. I once ate a penny at four because I thought I could keep it forever (wrong). I’m determined that 2014 will spark the dawn of a new era where in I am semi-decent at saving and more conscious about paying off debt. The goal here: to be debt free and having enough savings set aside for a romantic get away with the dashing husband.

7. Do more. This one is so simple it’s actually kind of a head scratcher. How could two words mean so much? This past year, I haven’t done any of the things I said I’d do. I said we’d frequently go to the property and visit family up north (but that never panned out), I said I’d take the kids to fun places like museums and zoos (also never panned out — being broke sucks), I also said I’d garden (being lazy sucks).

And…..I’m fresh out of resolutions, so I guess I’ll stop at seven. Seven is a good, round number. A lucky number.

Now for…things I want to learn in 2014:

■ How to be mindful.
■ How to meditate.
■ How to forgive.
■ How to let go.
■ How to enjoy.

Also I’d love to learn how to be more present. I’m not sure if other writers have this problem, or if I’m just unique in the sense that I cannot stop my head from whirling and thinking. There’s rarely pause. New ideas, old ideas, lists and goals, plot outlines, blog post ideas….constantly.

And…who’s got plans tonight? I do…sort of. Matt, myself and the neighbors are going to have a few drinks and a bonfire. We’re finally going to burn that tree that landed on our shed. I’m both looking forward to this and dreading it. It’ll be cold, and I hate the cold, and I also love my no later than 10pm bedtime. But, I only get the chance to ring in a new year once a year.




About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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  1. Unsure "Adult" says:

    I want a recap from WordPress. 😉

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