The Great North

You guys…our trip up north was amazing! So much fun!!! I was sad to leave, but we are home now…back to the grind. Now I get to recount what a fun weekend it was!

I honestly thought the drive would be terrible. Bane’s first long drive, plus two kids whining? Pass the legit wine, please. But it honestly wasn’t terrible, probably due in part to the duel DVD players my in laws bought the boys. They happily watched their new movies, keeping relatively silent save for demands for food which were easily met. Bane slept pretty much the whole time, on my lap and beside Matt and I up front. We were there within two hours and 45 minutes.


When I texted my sister-in-law Nat to let her know we were close, she informed me that they would meet us on the road near their cottage. The actual road to it was snowed in, so we would need to go in via skidoo.

Matt anticipated me to freak out. He probably thought I’d have a melt down over needing to cart all our stuff, the kids and ourselves over by skidoo….especially since I didn’t have any snow pants or proper boots (I’m pretty sure my boots were never intended to meet snow, they become water logged instantly). But I surprised him with how excited I was.

You see, when I was a kid my grandparents had a cottage in Georgian Bay. I did all sorts of cottage-y things throughout my childhood. Boating, fishing, 3 wheeling, and skidooing in the winter. When we’d go to the cottage in the winter, my papa would walk across the lake to our cottage, get the skidoo and trailer, and come pick us up. Then he’d return for our stuff, so this whole get to the cottage via skidoo wasn’t new to me and I was super excited.

Nat took me in on her skidoo while her husband, Matt’s brother D, took Nolan in (whilst pulling their son in the sled). His first ever skidoo ride! I was worried Nolan would freak out about how loud the skidoo was but he wad surprisingly a great sport! He really loved it, actually. Two years ago and I wouldn’t have been able to get him anywhere near a skidoo, but he went without any complaints and was actually just as excited as me!

I was also a little worried about Bane, but he followed me along the road, then tried to dive into the deep snow when the skidoos suddenly went on the path. I’ve never laughed so hard at him in my life. He kept disappearing in the snow and leaping up.


Once we were all accounted for and our stuff was all unloaded (and our truck freed from it’s snowy imprisonment), we had dinner and let the boys all stay up late playing together. Nolan and A got along great, just like they used to when we lived up north and saw D and Nat almost weekly. Matt’s dad, uncle, and older brother popped in to say hello. The boys stayed up to see them for a bit, then we put them to bed. I stayed up late visiting and having a couple glasses of wine while we marveled at how good the dogs got along (D and Nat also have a dog).

The next morning, after a couple wake ups from Archer, it was time to wake up…well, for some of us. Matt and Nolan slept in. After a hearty breakfast, we all went outside to go sledding and on the skidoos.







Nolan loved sledding down the hill too, especially because Uncle D would pick him up at the bottom of it on the skidoo. Archer didn’t care for being pulled by the skidoo in the sled, or want to try sledding down the hill. He was a little cranky and tired. He helped me build a snowman and then decided he’d had enough of this outdoor business.

I also got to drive Nat’s skidoo. It hasn’t been the first time I’ve driven one – I used to drive them all the time with my Papa when we had the cottage – but it’s been actual, literal years and I was a little choppy and rusty. But still, so much fun!

We went to Christmas dinner at the grandparents that afternoon, and that was fun too. It was the first time we were all together in years. One of Matt’s aunt’s met Archer for the first time ever, and we all couldn’t believe how much time actually passed.


The boys had another late night after a morning of playing in the snow and the rest of the day playing at Nanna and Poppa’s, and didn’t get to bed until after 9. We returned to the cottage in shifts, first Matt and I returned with the boys to get them to bed. We hung out by the fire with the dogs until Nat and A returned, followed by D on the skidoo.



There is something about curling up with your love by a woodstove and watching the fire, so peaceful and cozy.

We all thought the adults would come back to the cottage for some board games but everyone was exhausted and everyone went to bed early.

The next morning – Sunday, we packed up to go. Matt forgot he gave the truck keys to his dad to grab stuff for us, so he took me for a trail ride on the skidoo to his dad’s place. I’ve never seen the cottage his dad built, and holy breathtaking. Cathedral ceilings in the main room/kitchenette, all beautiful wooden walls and ceilings…so beautiful.


I loved getting out on the skidoo with just Matt. He’s a fantastic driver and I feel totally safe with him, yet he goes fast enough to let my stomach pleasantly fall behind us somewhere, like a rollarcoaster. I told him we needed to come back and spend a weekend doing just that – skidooing.

We are planning for another trip at the end of January, early February and I’m already counting down.


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