Stressed out financially? Get a new phone!

I’ll admit, good financial decisions have never been my strong suit. Ever. You know that part of your brain that is driven by your urges? Your wants, desires, and impulses? That part of your personality structure is called your id.

The id is kind of kept at bay by the super-ego, which is where the realistic thinking comes from.

ID, ego and super-ego battle it out, and generally when that happens, you can avoid making bad decisions…if your super-ego can overrule your id.

***And please note, I’m not a psychologist. I did learn a little psychology in college but this was years ago and I’ve pretty much forgotten everything and ‘re-learned’ it from Wikipedia just now so…yeah…remember that.

Anyway. My id is scarcely ever overruled. In fact, it’s generally encouraged by my super-ego, which comes up with positive, realistic and supportive arguments.

When Matt and I went shopping at Target this afternoon, it was not with the intent of getting new phones. In all actuality, I just wanted wrapping paper, gift tags and picture nails to hang the painting Matt’s nana did (which he still hasn’t hung up, I might add).

Our first mistake was going to visit Matt’s mom at work. She works in the Target mobile department, so…I bet you could guess what happened next.

Matt’s mom told us about some deals that they had going on, and informed us that we were both eligible for a hardware update. There were some phones on for $0, we’d just have to pay the activation and renewing contract fees on our next bill.

At first, we both said no. But our second mistake was not immediately running away from Kim, but staying to chat phones. I eyed up the Samsung Galaxy S4 with desire…I’d been secretly longing to jump off the apple bandwagon and never return. Secretly.

Matt was eyeing up the Samsung Galaxy Mega. It’s much bigger than his other phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It’s practically a tablet. I made some jokes about him really not being the kind of guy who should feel the need to overcompensate, but he just fake laughed at me and then patiently explained all about the perks of a bigger phone (apparently, watching movies is better. And I suppose his old man eyes can see the screen better to text…)

I nodded along, already thinking about how this was practically set in stone. Matt has the same ailment that I have, his id rules the roost. When both our ids get in there, it’s game over.

My thought process was fairly realistic. We didn’t have to pay anything until next month, we could both sell our old phones for some extra cash now, I’d get off the iPhone bandwagon, and Matt would get that new TV he’s been wanting. I mean phone, Matt would get a new phone…a massive one that pretty much looks like a TV.



We’ve been really stressed lately, financially…and I know how ironic that is… I mean, what better way to relieve your stress than getting new phones? Makes perfect sense. Not really. But if you don’t occasionally splurge on things you want (and don’t need), life would be boring. I would have rathered a new tattoo, but they didn’t have any “pay later” plans, unfortunately. But how cool would that be? Get on that, tattoo shops. Zero percent down…imagine the interest they’d make off of dumbasses like Matt and I? It’s a freaking gold mine!


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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