Soggy, Frozen Pumpkin

There was this one time, that Nolan went on a school field trip and brought home a tiny pumpkin. We put it on our front porch, and I forgot about it.


Except for occasionally, when Nolan would declare in a panicked voice: “someone’s been eating my pumpkin!“, then I’d remember it and make a mental note to put it in the compost. And then I’d promptly forget about it. Probably purposely, since it was soggy and chewed on by squirrels.

We’ve gotten a few evenings and days of -20 degrees weather lately, so the soggy pumpkin is now frozen. And I still forget about it, because we never use the front door. That’s my only goal this weekend: finally move it to the compost.

I’ll probably forget again.

We’re supposed to get hit with a lot of snow this weekend. Nolan’s excited, clearly.



Me? Not so much…I mean, sure…snow is fun to play in but only when you’ve got proper gear. I still haven’t been able to make it to the mall yet – I spent all week worrying about my dog (I’ll explain that in a minute) instead of searching for my broken boots that my friend Jill is convinced a guy in the mall can fix. So, I’m not ready yet. You’d think, since it’s the 14th of freakin’ December, I’d get a move on it…but clearly, I’m a procrastinator.

Speaking of yesterday (more or less, maybe?), Nolan had his Christmas concert. We took some videos and photos on Kim’s fancy camera, because iPhone zoom sucks. But here’s a picture of Archer enjoying the concert:


I’ll probably do another post with the photos and videos from Kim’s camera whenever I get it. But know that it was unbearably cute.

Afterwards, Matt and I ditched the kids on Kim and went Christmas shopping. We are almost done. We have about 4 or 5 more gifts to buy and then we are done.

Oh, and the dog…the reason I spent the last week worrying. He stopped eating the way he usually eats (see: like a vacuum cleaner) and wasn’t walking/moving the way he normally does. He wasn’t crazy energetic like usual.


I was almost ready to take him to the vet, but the day we had our squeeze in appointment, he started to perk up. I called them and they told me to give it the weekend, that it sounded like a tweaked or pulled muscle.

So, thanks for the week long anxiety, bud.

Don’t you just love starting a blog post with one idea in mind, then it suddenly becomes something else and you’re left all confused and disoriented and then you decide…ahh fuck it. I’ll just hit submit.


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