Oh Boy.

I have a couple of semi-interesting, slightly humorous blog posts on file [in my mind], but today I just can’t seem to pull any of them forward. I’m honestly still reeling from last night.

And before I get into it; I just want to say that I do not intend to give any spoilers, but I can’t promise that my links will lead to them so BE FOREWARNED. Also, why are are you on the Internet the day after the season finale of one of THE BIGGEST series on TV? Shame on you. Go watch it. You’re just asking for trouble.

[viaCAUTION: contains spoilers!]

Never before has a television show affected me as much as Sons of Anarchy does. I live for Teller Tuesdays, I am addicted to watching the drama unfold. I think Charlie Hunnam is as brilliant as he is delectable (and he’s so, so delectable), and I’m honestly in love with the genius that is Kurt Sutter. I’m incredibly distraught over the season finale, so much so that I can’t put it out of my head to write all those other blog posts I had in mind yesterday. All I can think about is how intense Sons of Anarchy was last night and how I have to wait forever for the final season.

I don’t always like what happens in this show (I’m still deeply upset over the deaths of Donna, Opie and Sherif Roosevelt’s pregnant wife), but I undeniably think every decision he’s made in the plot has been perfect. I would have loved to see a happy ending for Jax, his family and the club – but I know that’s not going to happen. Nobody will escape this alive, and if they do…they’ll be shells of the people they were before.


My husband is equally as upset as I am. It actually caused us to both hold each other in silence while we shook from the aftermath. Like. HOW does a show even DO that to people?? I’ve never been an over zealous fan girl before (over tv shows), but Kurt Sutter’s genius way of pulling you in and keeping you 100% in. There’s no escaping it. Charlie Hunnam deserves ALL THE REWARDS for that performance.

If you have never seen Sons of Anarchy, I really, REALLY encourage you to check it out. If you love dynamic story lines, great acting and tons of drama and action, you’ll love it. If you get pissed at it, that’s GOOD, it means Kurt Sutter’s done his job at drawing you in…and I promise, you’ll get pissed a lot.

So, I’d like to thank Kurt Sutter for my inability to think about anything but the season finale of SoA.


No, really…THANK YOU.


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