This ‘n That: Dolly Edition






The last few days have looked a little like this. I ended up keeping Nolan home on Friday as well – he still wasn’t back to 100% himself. Nana came over, and Bane and I stole away for another walk. It’s a struggle to walk him without the kids, but since I usually have the kids with me…it feels a lot easier. I’m still seriously considering getting Bane in dog training lessons so he walks better on a leash. No matter what, he pulls. He’s just too excited to be out and he needs to greet everything and everyone.

It was nice to get some fresh air, though. That’s been a bit hard to do the last week.

Friday night, Matt brought home my new truck…I’m in love.


I haven’t been able to drive it…yet. Not only did Matt work on Saturday, but he needs to replace the power steering pump before I’ll attempt to drive it. But I did give it a shiny name (because Matt was going to anyway). Introducing Dolly Parton. She’s got massive headlights.

On Saturday, we had another day of staying in. I’d spent the night going into their room to calm them every time they woke up, and at one point I got to catch vomit in my hands (the kind that you have from phlegm build up).

Both boys have not been themselves. I tried coaxing them outside to play, but they just weren’t having it.



Archer was especially not himself. My usual, nonstop go-go-go child just wanted to sit on my lap and have cuddles all day long. Both boys are a little constipated, and Archer has a nasty head cold.

Last night, Matt and I tried to go to bed early. At 9pm, we were done. The kids had woken up 4 times before then, and another 3 times after. By 11pm, Bane had thrown up twice (a regular occurrence after he tries to EAT a tennis ball), so I took him outside to do his business there and a raccoon almost attacked him. The thing was half the size of Bane, and Bane is NOT a small dog.

After that, the kids woke another 4 times each and it was morning before I knew it. Needless to say, I didn’t feel well rested upon waking.

Today we need to run some errands and do some Christmas shopping, and possibly get Archer into the walk in if he doesn’t have a BM by the time we leave. Fun times.


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