Things Upon Things…

When both of your kids are sick at the exact same time, it’s kind of difficult to keep up with house hold chores. My laundry has fallen to the wayside – baskets upon baskets of clean laundry, not folded or put away, obscure the pathway to my side of our bed. Clutter had accumulated, dishes sit in the sink for longer periods of time than I care to admit because someone always needs cuddles and back rubs. I’m happy to oblige those needs, turn a blind eye to the clutter and almost easily forget about my ever mounting to-do list in light of those sick cuddles.

I’m counting it as a win that we even have clean laundry at this point, even if it’s not put away and even if it’s taking up valuable beside space in my room. I suppose I can thank the amount of vomiting that happened on day 1 of the sickness. It’s also a win that, although they sit longer in the sink than usual, I’m still managing to keep the dishes from piling up an obscene amount. There is a slight pile up from last night, but still manageable.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law popped in to visit the House of Sick and bring the boys some get better goodies. While she was here, I stole off with Bane for a walk. It’d been days since Bane got a good, long walk – regrettably, another thing that falls to the wayside with two sick kids.

I decided to check out a little trail, near where we live. It was gorgeous out, “sweater weather”, in fact…at 14 degrees. A welcoming break from — the almost mild winter we’ve been having. I quickly realized that my no-tread boots were not good for trails though. I need to invest in some decent hiking boots, since I plan on going on more trail hikes. Still, we had fun taking in the beauty (and, in Bane’s case…the smells) around us.


I’m keeping Nolan home from school for another day, because he’s still lagging and just not himself.


We have solved our vehicle issue, finally. Matt’s work has a 2005 1500 Dodge Ram quad cab that he’s purchasing. It’s cheaper on insurance and he gets one free tank of gas a week from work, so although the tank is bigger than we’re used to – we won’t feel that hit too much.

I’m kind of excited. While I never really pictured myself as the “truck kinda gal” growing up, the moment I drove Matt’s Chevy S10…I developed a secret liking for them. It’s why Matt’s Chevy is still sitting in the driveway, still needing work. I just can’t bear the thought of giving it up anymore than Matt can. I make quips about it all the time, but I’d never want to sell it. It can be easily fixed…but it’s not a family vehicle, and it’s not awesome in snow, which is why we’re putting pressure on ourselves to finding a family vehicle and not fixing it. The Chevy will get its time to shine in the new year.

This bad boy will be mine. Matt will likely claim rights to it during the winter, but come spring when he finally gets his Chevy on the road, it’ll be my main ride. Matt started talking about lifting it and getting it bigger tires, and I had to stop him and tell him that my truck would not be lifted or have ridiculously large tires. For one, it’s big enough as is. I’ll likely struggle with climbing up into it and getting the kids in it. For two, it’s already “manly” enough. I did agree to eventually getting Bushwackers for the rear fender flares, but that’ll be all I’ll do to it.


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2 Responses to Things Upon Things…

  1. lostlilies12 says:

    We have a 2004 dodge 1500 and honestly its a better family vehicle than my car its safer and goes through much more. Enjoy your truck. They are well worth the fuel.

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