Open Houses & Girls Night

Yesterday, I hosted my first ever Scentsy open house. I’ve had parties for Amy when I wasn’t a consultant, but hosting a party when you’re not a consultant is a totally different deck of cards. At my party for Amy I got drunk off the wine and giggled nonstop while she set up and did her presentation (in hindsight, I was a terrible host – sorry Amy. I blame the wine). At my open house, I had to do all the set up and talking.




Admittedly, I didn’t have to do a big presentation or even a lot of selling – those who came knew they wanted to make purchases before they even arrived. We mostly talked about how great the fragrances they sampled were and how delicious Donut Blend kcups are.

So, it wasn’t really a big scary deal like I had feared.

Matt even took the day off, so he did the shopping for my open house while I cleaned, and then he hung out with the boys in the living room for the majority of it. There was only one casualty…and that was my wall. When Matt snuck out for a smoke break, Archer started peeling chipped paint off the wall after having moved the bin shelving unit. Looks like I’ll be doing some repainting tonight…

After my open house, I had about an hour snuggling with the boys on the couch before my sister, Jo, picked me up for girls night with the sisters.


We went to East Sides for appetizers and then shared funny stories about the dramas from each of our weddings (save for Jo – she hasn’t gotten married…yet). We promptly decided that we needed to get out at least once a month together.

After appetizers, we went to the theatre and saw Catching Fire…I loved it. Of course, I’d just watched The Mortal Instruments and had been severely let down (the books are so much better), so it was good to be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of Catching Fire.

I was incredibly thankful that I didn’t have to stand in any lines. I’d been paranoid about it…since standing isn’t really something I can do at all anymore. Even just washing the dishes or ordering a coffee is incredibly painful. Unfortunately I can’t not wash dishes, but yay for drive thrus! Anyway, there were no lines! Admittedly, sitting that long was very uncomfortable but whatever – Catching Fire was so good that I couldn’t complain even if I wanted to.

So, that was my Saturday!

Today is my first ever home party. I’m a little nervous, but it should be great! The hostess has had Scentsy parties before and I know everyone going will take it easy on me…

I hope.


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