Losing Battles in the Field of Motherhood

Motherhood is great, really. And no, I’m not writing that sarcastically – it actually is great. Challenging, very, but great. The snuggles, the kisses, the laughter and smiles and joy. The wonderment in their eyes – it’s all what I live for. I love waking up to their sleepy eyes and groggy smiles, even if they wake up at the crack ass of dawn and have more energy hours before I even have a smidgen.

But there are constant battles that I lose daily. The battle to have clean windows is one. I’ll spend the morning washing all my windows, only to have them covered in hand prints, kid goo and dog snot less than half an hour later. It’s their mission to ensure that all my efforts are fruitless on that front.

Then there’s the carpets and couches. Oh how I wish I could keep them clean! My youngest has a horrid habit of taking his juice and spitting or dumping it out all over the carpet and couches. I have no idea why he does this, and I’ve definitely tried to prevent it. Usually he isn’t allowed to have his sippy cup unless I’m right there to prevent that. But there is the odd occasion when I’m upstairs getting ready for the day and Daddy gives him a sippy cup of juice. In that 3 minute time frame (yes, 3 minutes – excluding makeup. Most days it’s a win if I’m dressed and have my hair brushed), I come down to juice everywhere and a toddler that needs a full wardrobe change seconds before we need to get ready to leave for the bus.

I used to wait until the kids were in bed, then get out the Sol-U-Mel cleaner with hot water and a sponge and sob as I tried to scrub the couches and carpets clean of juice stains. The couches came clean easily enough, but I might as well have been dumping more juice onto the carpet for all my scrubbing did. Carpets are terrible, seriously…they are the bane of my existence. Heh. Bane. Really though, they are. I keep hoping with all my heart that Santa will buy me a steam cleaner, but Santa doesn’t seem to get as offended by the terribly unclean carpet as I do. Santa keeps saying “Chill out mama, we have kids!”

20131122-102513.jpgHow could I possibly have forgotten that we have kids? I mean, look at them. They’re handsome little devils. And they’re both little handfuls of trouble. I still haven’t really fully accepted the fact that kids = mess. I know way too many people (who probably don’t have white carpets, I might add) with spotless houses and clean faced children. How do you do it? I have to wrestle Archer to the ground and pin him down if I want to clean his nose, which is always runny this time of the year. Then he’ll kick me in the armpit.

My kids get time outs, they get disciplined when needed – but that doesn’t stop them from misbehaving. They’re natural heathens, those children. Trouble makers, through and through. They live for the thrill of causing mayhem. They get it from their father, it’s actually a known trait in his side of the family. I have nothing to do with it. Ehem.

I’ll wash the floors, vacuum, dust, do all of my cleaning and seconds later it will look as if I hadn’t lifted a damn finger. It’s exhausting, really, but I cannot stand messes and even though I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle, I keep charging forward…much like the Maple Leafs do with their quest to win the play offs. OOOO BURN. Yeah I went there, and I’m from the GTA with a husband and in-laws who are die-hard fans.

What losing battles do you feel like you are constantly fighting day to day? Please share all your horrid stories with me and make me feel better. Please. 


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10 Responses to Losing Battles in the Field of Motherhood

  1. Karen says:

    I feel the same way. With the older kids, it’s the constant eating and not cleaning up after themselves (crumbs everywhere drives me bonkers!), the empty milk bag, the empty cereal boxes in the cupboard, the lights they leave on everywhere, every time, and I am ON THEM – like, super consistent, and while I understand that they are learning, it’s infuriating at times! I have to keep reminding myself that they are only young once, and also that if I nag them now, one day they’ll get it. Probably not til they have kids of their own, but still! Hahaha…

  2. tierney says:

    This will make you feel better… my battle is the exact same as yours and what’s great (terrible) about that, is that I don’t have kids. Just a boyfriend. I can clean and do dishes and wash floors and 3 minutes after he’s in the door from work, it looks like it did before cleaning. It drives me INSANE but apparently I’m the idiot because I continue to do this every. single. day. despite having the same results. Oh, best part? He knows it drives me crazy, he just doesn’t see his ‘clutter’ in the same way I do. Arrrggg. End rant! lol

  3. You are my hero! I have officially lost the cleaning battle and seriously jusy don’t try, which (admittedly) is not the answer, but I find cleaning with kids so overwhelming and anxiety producing. I have a giant pile of dishes in the kitchen that are staring at me. You seem to be doing it all right. You’re lucky you can’t stand messes and clean them up right away. I just cry about them and put my head in the sand.

  4. Ann Koplow says:

    Wonderful post. I’m sure you’re helping your readers feel better. Thank you!

  5. jayne says:

    Hello, thanks for visiting. I have to say that I am of the same mind about messes only…I’m much older and let me tell you – it doesn’t end!! I still try and clean but it’s a losing battle. I try to NOT clean so I am not frustrated. Better to enjoy the kids as much as you can…like that saying goes – in 20 years it won’t matter what your checkbook said or how clean your house was – When you can – do something fun with the kid(s) instead of clean. That’s the win win way to go but it’s just as challenging as what you’re doing BUT it’s more rewarding in my humble opinion. Ultimately, WHATEVER makes YOU happy – do it because it translates to them. Good luck Mama. : ) Jayne

    • Jess says:

      Thank you Jayne! Your humble opinion is a good one, for sure! I’m learning [slowly] to let go of that obsessive need to clean 😉 thank you for visiting too!

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