Bus Stop Drama

There’s this guy at the bus stop that always picks up two kids that he’s very vocal about not being his kids. The first time I met him, he maybe-not-so-accidentally groped my ass. Oh and? He smells like a goddamn liquor store. Like he drank everything in it before coming. You can smell him when he’s not even directly beside you. Plus? He’s kind of an irate jerk. He’s been known to totally forget to pick up the kids, so that they have to get a ride back to the school.

A few weeks ago, he chased down a school bus that he thought was the kids’ bus (it wasn’t) and proceeded to bang on the doors and swear at the bus driver like the deranged mad man he is. Then he had the worst language with her when she finally opened the door – apparently yelling “where are my fucking kids?”, even though it wasn’t their bus. I know this because I’m friendly with a woman who has kids that she babysits on that bus and this happened to take place at the very stop she waits at. She heard and saw the whole thing. Plus, he started ranting and raving to us back at our bus stop about how the bus driver of the other bus was swearing at him calling him a “fucking loon” and he apparently took the high road and was all “Oh bus driver! That’s such terrible language! THE CHILDREN! THE POOR CHILDREN!”

…because that’s such his character, you see.

Thankfully, he usually waits on the other side of the road and doesn’t bother us. Except for that time he grabbed my butt, accidentally.

This morning, one of the other lady’s at our bus stop talked to his girlfriend (the kids mother) about an incident that her daughter said occurred on the bus the other night. The mother of the other kids seemed fine and was all “okay I’ll talk to [kid’s name], and everyone thought it was put to rest. I guess it wasn’t though, because buddy talked to the bus driver and then started shouting at the other mother from across the road saying something along the lines of “My fucking kid didn’t [do this], they both [did], get your fucking facts straight before you run your fat ass mouth!” I may not have caught it word for word, but there was a lot of swearing and name calling. (Sorry if reading swear words makes you cringe, but I think it’s ridiculous to add that * in there when you already know what I’m saying.)

The adult thing to do, would be to have a respectable conversation with the other parent to see what was going on between the kids on the bus, especially if you didn’t feel that your kid did something wrong, or if there had been a misunderstanding (as proven by the bus drivers take).

While buddy was going off on the other mom, I said “knock it off! There are children present” and he started going off on me. I rolled my eyes and didn’t bother giving him the time of day, because obviously…he isn’t worth it.

But it really floors my gut that I have to deal with those kinds of people. I know, they are literally everywhere but still.

This guy just makes me sick. I get the impression that he enjoys being an irate asshole to women. Between the display this afternoon and that time I saw him screaming at his girlfriend over the whole other bus thing (where he chased down the wrong bus), it’s evident he’s one of those pieces of work. He certainly avoided looking in Matt’s general direction and rushed away without saying a word the moment he got “not his” kids off the bus, and Matt didn’t even say boo to him. Guess he didn’t have to, this ghetto thug only seems to be tough when he’s got women to pick on. Good on ya bud.

I’m pretty much not looking forward to having to deal with seeing his infuriating self every week day, but you can bet I’ll continue to speak up against his stupid actions, especially when he carries on in front of my kids.


About J.C. Hannigan

25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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