And so it begins…

Winter. The dreaded season. Well, kind of. Weather wise, anyway. For me, anyway. I love the whole Christmas shin-dig and family traditions and what not. Sledding is cool, building snowmen is also cool. But the whole snow and ice thing? Less cool. I mean, sure…you kinda need it to go sledding and build snowmen, but in Canada we hardly ever get “packing snow” (aka, snowmen making snow), but the prospect of having to go out in this dreaded cold, wet stuff every single week day twice a day to get Nolan on and off the bus…I am so not stoked for.

Yesterday evening, we had our first taste of how terrible it’s going to be. It was terrible, and it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.

Archer didn’t really nap that afternoon. He had a small snooze but only got 40 minutes of rest and woke up MISERABLE.



I know, how could something that sweet ever be miserable? I’m telling you. It’s possible. He screamed and cried and carried on the entire time I readied him, myself, and the dog to get out the door. He cried and carried on while I fetched the wagon and arranged a VERY cozy blanket and his snuggly blanket. He cried and thrashed about when I set him in the wagon and covered him up real nice. He cried when I gave him a juice box, and cried when he drank it while we walked to the bus stop. He screamed and cried to be picked up when we finally got there, and whenever I did he’d try to force my body towards home. He cried getting back into the wagon when Nolan got off the bus and he whimpered miserably the entire walk home. Then he stood on the porch and wailed while I tried to put the wagon away. His wailing was so loud and grating on my nerve endings that I couldn’t even properly put the wagon away. Then he cried for 20 minutes when we got in.

So much fun, seriously.

I know that him being tired is partly to blame, but if memory serves me well…Archer does not and has never liked being outside in the cold. Even last year, bundled up nice in cozy in his one piece snow suit, when I tried to take him sledding with Nolan. He screamed and cried until I finally gave up 10 minutes later. That happened every time I tried to bring him outside. It got to the point where I didn’t even bother, I’d take Nolan out when Archer was napping. He was alright going from car to house or house to car, but playing outside? Forget it. Waiting outside for any length of time? Forget it.

This year, we have to go to the bus stop twice a day 5 days a week. We have to wait anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, and sometimes longer.

I am dreading it.

And I know, there are a lot more tragic things happening in the world, and listening to one slightly chilly 2 year old whine and complain loudly isn’t bad comparatively…but ehh. It’s actually just another indicator that my seasonal blues are returning.

A few years ago it was so bad that I didn’t even decorate (except for putting up the tree) or Christmas shop until December 23rd, and that was only because I had to. I just didn’t have any Christmas spirit. I seriously didn’t even decorate Nolan’s Christmas stocking until the night before, and it didn’t dry properly so when Santa stuffed it the name smudged so badly it pretty much said “No”.

Since then I’ve actively had to force some spirit on myself to be the fun holiday mom I want my kids to have. I want them to love Christmas and the holidays and the whole season, and not because of the presents they’ll get but because of the fun we’ll have together, as a family.

But really…why does it have to be so COLD, and why does my 2 year old have to complain even more than me about it?!


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