Cast of Characters

I wrote a little bit about my novel yesterday, but I didn’t go into too much detail. Since I’m really loving how things are going with it, I thought I’d open my mouth a little more and share some more details about the characters.

I thought it would be fun to choose what actors I’d have play my characters if this book ever became a movie. In the spirit of procrastinating, I decided to do it and spent the majority of this morning searching Google imagines for the right fits.

Without further ado, here are the actors I would cast to play characters in my novel, Train Wreck (this title may or may not change…haven’t decided yet).

Harlow Jones:

I wrote Harlow to be sassy, sarcastic, and a little too honest for her own good. She speaks before thinking, is extremely aware of her surroundings (but sometimes blind to them). She’s had a tough life prior to moving, and doesn’t trust anyone easily. Yet under her tough, sarcastic exterior is a warm interior. Although she’s wary of people, she’s a bleeding heart and always drawn to helping them.

Harlow is described as having long black hair with a slight natural curl to it, striking dark green eyes, and a voluptuous curvy body. She’s not skinny, and she’s not the All American beauty. She’s gorgeous and real.


Kat Dennings was a no brainer for Harlow. In fact, she sort of inspired Harlow’s looks. She could totally rock Harlow’s tough along the outside, gooey in the inside personality. When I write Harlow smiling, I picture Kat Dennings. She just fits.

Iain Bentley (Mr. Bentley):

Iain Bentley is the English teacher. He’s 28 years old, and it’s his first year teaching. He’s smart, witty, charming, with a little bit of restrained toughness. He’s a rescurer, a problem solver, and genuinely very smart about making decisions…most times. He oozes sexual appeal like some people on the public transit system ooze body odour. I know, gross comparison, but very accurate.

Iain has dirty blond hair trimmed closer to his head at the sides and longer at the top, almost like a faux hawk but not quite, a little longer. He’s got greyish blue eyes and thick lashes. He’s perpetually got a little bit of stubble across his jaw line (the man hardly ever remembers to shave), and is muscular, especially for an English teacher. Man, if my English teacher looked like Iain? I’d probably still be in high school.


I had a little trouble with Iain’s character, but ended up stuck on Theo James. I know he doesn’t have the light eyes, but still. He could definitely pull off “desirable English teacher” fairly well. Ahem.


Lauren was Harlow’s best friend. They met when Harlow switched schools the first time, and became inseparable. Lauren was one of those rare genuine souls, openly kind and loving, but had an extremely high taste for mischief. Lauren died the autumn before in a car accident caused by Harlow’s ex-boyfriend. She’s described as having blond hair and hazel eyes.


AnnaSophia Robb is my choice for Lauren. I know she looks a little younger, but considering Lauren died a full year before the book takes place…it’s a sad fit.

Jake Thompson:

Jake is one of the first people Harlow befriends when she moves into town. He’s part of the stoner group and the local neighbourhood pot dealer (naughty Jake, naughty). He’s a fun loving guy and genuinely warm. He’s described as being tall, lean and skinny, and very cute with shaggy brown hair that’s a little too long and soft brown eyes.


Reeve Carney was the closest I could get for Jake, especially with his hair a little longer. And he’s yummy too, so there is that.

Jenna Burke:

Jenna’s described by Harlow as being “one of those self-proclaimed popular girls”. She’s stereotypically pretty and thin with blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s forever surrounded by her two best friends. At first, she comes across as judgemental and petty – and she is, to a degree. Jenna and Harlow become unlikely friends after an incident that changes Jenna’s world.


Candice Accola is my top choice for Jenna. She’s insanely talented at playing the snooty popular girl, and (to me, at least) she’s got the stereotypical beauty thing going for her.

Andrew Cooper:

Andrew Cooper is the villain in this book. He’s egotistic, rude, vile, and just totally unfavourable in every single way. This guy has no redeeming qualities, what-so-ever. Aside from his good looks, I mean, and they’ll wear on you as the story unfolds. He’s the son of the Police Chief, and thinks he’s God’s Gift, and that the rules don’t apply to him.

Andrew is good looking, way too muscular than any other 17 year old boy, and has unsettling bright eyes. 


I could only think of Kellan Lutz for Andrew, but that might change…he looks like such a softy. I’m not sure if he’d be able to even make Andrew’s character as vile as it really is. Still…I’m stuck on him right now.


Danielle waitresses with Harlow at the diner. She’s 19 years old with a 5 month old son. She’s sweet and kind, and another one of the first people Harlow warms up to. She’s described as having red hair and green eyes.


I had a hard time trying to cast Lily too. I don’t really know any red-headed actresses in this age group that I like, so Lily Collins won out.


It was a lot of fun picking out potential actors for my novel, and there’s still a lot of characters left that need casting. But these are the main ones. Now, back to writing!


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