Trick or Treat! {2013}

In halloweens past, before we moved back home and were living up north, I would always be hit with extreme feelings of homesickness and depression.

The first year trick or treating up north wasn’t so bad, because we went over to Matt’s brothers house and took photos of our little boys dressed up in costumes, and then Matt and I took Nolan trick or treating (as his brothers son was just a wee baby at the time). I knew my sisters were all together back home, taking my nephew trick or treating, and although I felt some homesickness, it was good to have somewhat of the same thing happening up north.

The second year, it was just the [now] four of us. Matt’s brother and sister-in-law were busy with her side of the family. We took the boys to the mall in their costumes, and then when we got home I took just Nolan trick or treating in our complex while Matt stayed home with Archer and handed out candy. The homesickness hit me really hard that year, especially because I had a new baby (and all those fun hormones) and a new niece back home. I knew all my sisters and likely my dad would be taking my beautiful nephew and niece trick or treating, and I wanted to be there with our children.

The realization that although I loved my nephew and niece and my family loved my boys, the lack of times we were able to get together made it so that they didn’t really know my kids and I didn’t really know my nephew and niece, nor did the kids know each other. The realization that I was the far away aunt and the boys were the far away cousins was painful. I’d always been so close to my sisters – every single holiday spent with them, no matter how small, and I’d always envisioned us raising our kids together and having our kids basically be as close as siblings. Halloween was just another reminder of that distance.

We were all missing out on important events. I missed my nephew and niece’s first times trick or treating, and pictures can’t do that justice. My sisters missed Nolan’s first time trick or treating too. I’m not sure if they were as affected by it as I was, and am. They still had each other to lean on so I’m sure it was a different feeling.

When we moved back a year ago, in September, I was ecstatic. The boys and I got to join my sisters and niece and nephew trick or treating. We took pictures before and had a little “play date” after.

This year, we were a little late (Matt had to get home from work and shower), so by the time we got there we really only had enough time to get out the door and go. Poor Xman had been waiting for hours to go trick or treating. But still, going from house to house with the kiddos, my sisters, and our significant others was one of the greatest feelings. It definitely beats the loneliness and homesickness I felt in years prior when we lived up north.

This was an exciting year, too, because it was the first year of trick or treating for my youngest nephew and niece, and I got to be there for it. I will always feel a little sad about missing Xman’s and D’s, though.




This year, Nolan went as The Hulk and Archer went as Iron Man. Nolan adored his costume and loved “getting into character”. Archer was unsure of all the decorations and terrified of Nolan’s costume. He also refused to put on his own mask. He’d cry whenever Nolan would come near him, and insisted on being held. When we got outside to actually go trick or treating, he was unsure and timid at first. Then he caught on that he was getting candy, and he immediately wanted to walk by himself and go up to the doors (even if they were a little scary, because candy is candy).

The way he said “trick or treat” was just way too adorable to handle. He would also quickly say “thank you” before literally dragging me to the next house. He was often mistaken for Nolan, too.

Nolan rocked it as well, but he’s been doing it for 3 solid years now (his first time trick or treating, we only went to Shannon’s house and then to Grandma’s). He was still super excited and sweet and kind. He never forgot his manners, thankfully.

And to be honest, we don’t do the whole pillow case full of candy thing, at least not right now. They’re still young, so they only trick or treat until their bucket is full. I’m kind of a meanie (according to Nolan) and insist on no more than two candies per day (but don’t feel too bad for them, I’m sure nana and daddy sneak them candy when I’m not looking).

After their buckets were full, it started to rain again and Matt and I decided to head home instead of stay at my sisters. Nolan was asking to go to bed, and we knew the walk had exhausted him.

I got the kids to bed after allowing them one treat, and then had a quick shower. I thought for sure the trick or treaters were done (and we had no lights on anyway, since the kids were sleeping), but we got one more group when I came downstairs. So, there were a total of four kids that came to our house [while we were here].

And now, it’s November! Which means a month of procrastinating on gift buying before the hectic December begins when I curse the hell out of myself for not having started Christmas shopping sooner. You’d think that I’d learn, especially since I’m aware of my foolishness…but nope.

It’s also the first day of NaNoWriMo, and the day I need to send Sarah what I have of the memoir. Oh and the month that I have the first of many Scentsy home parties to do…

So basically, the only thing I’ll be procrastinating on is actual Christmas shopping.


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2 Responses to Trick or Treat! {2013}

  1. rachel says:

    Sounds like the kids had tons of fun trick or treating. Glad you were able to go out with your sisters and nieces and nephews. Makes a difference doing these things with family.

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