The Bus Entanglement

Matt’s hours at work got changed around, so now he works opposite to the co-worker that he has been hitching a ride with. Which means he needs the van during the day…which means I can no longer drive Nolan to school.

So, this morning, Nolan took the bus. He spent all morning crying about it, but once we got to the bus stop…he was fairly ok. He played with his little friends, and didn’t whine at all.


He held the little girl’s hand while they walked up the steps to sit on the bus. He sat with her, then he looked out the window and the expression on his face broke my heart…


I called the school 20 minutes later, to see how it went. His EA said he was a little sad getting off the bus and looking around, but he didn’t cry.

I was hoping to get photos of him stepping off the bus, but someone decided to be an asshole and chase a mini yippy dog while attached to the stroller, so it tipped and a massive entanglement ensued, where yippy dog’s owner graciously (despite me insisting that I didn’t need his assistance – at all) helped me get the stroller and massive dog back across the street and accidentally {?} groped my ass. It was hard to detect whether or not that was an accident because he smelled like a liquor store and seemed to know exactly what he was doing. Plus how does one ACCIDENTALLY grope another person’s ass?

Needless to say, Bane will not be accompanying us to the bus anymore. Because that stroller tip happened on a busy street, and he would not follow the commands he’s generally good about following at home, all because he wanted to get at that other dog. His ability to follow commands and listen goes totally out the window when another dog or animal is around. Normally, I can deal fairly well with it…but not when I’ve got a stroller and am trying to manage two kids crossing the street.

Cesar Millan! Where are you when I need you? Seriously…I need my dog to stop acting like a twat-waffle whenever there’s other animals around.

It’s so hard to assert authority when pushing a stroller and managing two kids. He’s a totally different dog when it’s just the two of us walking. Well, kind of. Other dogs still are an issue…

Speaking of Bane…guess who’s getting neutered tomorrow?


If you guessed Matt, you were wrong. It’s Bane, obviously.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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