{Soon to be} Two

It’s the birthday eve of my littlest human. Tomorrow morning, he will be two.

{photo cred to Candice, taken October 4th, 2013…Archer’s last day of being one.}

I’ve had several conflicting emotions about this.

On the one hand, YAY TWO! Such a fun, exciting age. A whole new world of opportunities and adventures. Archer is beginning to sleep better (knock on wood that it continues and that I didn’t just jinx myself), and he’s also talking a lot more. I no longer have to carry him everywhere. He is content to walk and hold my hand.

He is adventurous and inquisitive. He loves to be a part of everything, he loves to look and explore it all. He loves to cuddle and snuggle, but he also loves his space. He has a temper but apologizes for his outbursts (by crawling into my lap afterwards for cuddles).

So, two will be great. Just as great as one was. It will be challenging, after all, what age isn’t?

But…I’m also sad. My youngest child, my last baby, is officially leaving “babyhood” and entering the no return “toddlerhood”. I was able to fool myself for the last year – oh, he’s only one! Two seems so much more older.

I’m excited to see what this year brings. Here’s to two!


Archer’s birth story.
Archer’s first birthday {and party}.
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