Breakdowns for Breakfast


Day 2 of the sickness, and I now more than ever understand why some animals eat their young. Kidding. Kind of.



Day 1 of the sickness wasn’t so terrible, or at least…it seems that way today. I was able to get all three of us in to the doctors, and apparently “both the boys are fine”, a little congested and they have colds but nothing needing anything more than cough syrup and Tylenol. But someone should tell them that, because they’re acting like they’re suffering from terrible illnesses. I, on the other hand, have strep throat. I’m on antibiotics and I feel like crap.

My voice is hoarse, and it hurts when I have to use it. But I’ve had to use it a lot because even though the kids are acting like they’re oh so ill, they’re still at each other’s throats and causing mischief left right and centre.


Day 2, or at least the morning of day 2, has been horrid. Nolan’s home from school again. The antibiotics I’m on upset my stomach. The children awoke miserable and crying while I was otherwise occupied and they had to wait a few minutes to officially cry and grump at me, which made them more miserable.

Nolan cried and carried on about how he wanted daddy to stay home, and Matt got aggravated because I wouldn’t let him call into work. I’m sick but I’m not that sick that he’d need to miss work. I don’t even think I was a factor though, it was mainly Nolan’s pouty hoarse voice begging that made Matt want to stay home.

Archer has been walking around wailing and flopping dramatically to the floor. Any time I approach him or try to talk to him, he yells at me. So. That’s been fun. He alternates from being extremely clingy to yelling at me for simply existing.

Nolan had a major accident this morning that resulted in me chucking out his new pjs and underwear that he’d been wearing because no thank you, and while I was getting him cleaned up from that, Archer took the dogs water and poured it all over my living room couches.

So. There’s that.

I actually bought oil of oregano the other day. I’ve been taking four droplets daily but haven’t noticed this magic cure they speak off. I’m still sick and my joints and bones still ache. I’ve contemplated giving it to the boys, but it burns and they have been complaining about the grape Tylenol and Hylands all natural couch syrup I’ve been giving them.

Kids today are spoiled. Remember Buckleys and how terrible it was? Remember how you didn’t have a choice? Maybe I should buy some Buckleys, just to show them how good they have it with the Hylands.

So, I haven’t given them oil of oregano but since I don’t see it really working (other than briefly clearing my sinuses and leaving a horrible taste in my mouth), I’m not overly upset about it.

I am, however, extremely over the constant scream fest around here. Gone are the days when being sick meant you can sleep all day after dosing yourself with medicine. Gone are the days of actual rest. Now it’s the days of be miserably sick and listen to your children wail because they are also sick but they don’t want anything other than to grump at you about how sick they are.

I thought sick days with kids would look more like couch cuddles and movies on repeat but…no such luck. At least not with Archer, who went from peacefully cuddling me for all of 2.5 seconds to wailing dramatically on the floor.

And that’s the story of how we’re having breakdowns for breakfast.

I’d rather have bacon.


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2 Responses to Breakdowns for Breakfast

  1. Nolan knows how to tug at his daddy’s heart strings, haha. And Archer! Devilish little guys. 😉 Hopefully they’ll pass out and poor Mama can get some rest! xo

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