Sunday Funday to Sudden Sickness

Sunday was a really great day. Like, a really great day.

We bought Bane a new collar, and then I took the boys and Bane on a walk.









After that, we came home for a bit and my sister texted me to see if I wanted to come over and hang. The kids all played in the park all afternoon, and Archer gave me a thousand heart attacks, climbing the big structure like it was nothing.



Nolan has just started climbing the big play structure, he used to be too afraid to do more than just climb up the stairs and go down the slide. Now he goes up the rock wall like it’s nobody’s business.

I was still uber shocked when Archer started scaling that ladder thing without so much as a backward glance, going down the slide alone and running back to the ladder again.

Sunday was a lot of fun, but by Monday morning Archer had a bad cough (and I did too). Nolan seemed fine so I sent him to school, but after school he had a barky cough that sounds just as bad as mine so no school today for him. He gets to have his first sick day ever.

I’m going to call the doctor for all of us because we are that pathetically sick that I’m wondering if it’s bronchitis or croup. Or whatever.


Yesterday was the returning of the keys…we are done with the old house. Officially, blissfully done.

Although I loved that house and those landlords, I couldn’t stand the neighbourhood and I’m glad to be out of it. So glad. No more passive aggressive, rude neighbours who only like to be my friend when my husbands around. No more rude children banging on my door a thousand times after I say no, the kids can’t come out (because every time Nolan played with them he’d start acting just as mean and no thank you).

I adore this house and this yard and this neighbourhood. I’m only freaked out by one neighbour (who lives down the road, not directly beside me thankfully), for a very good reason. I was in the back with Bane and he was walking his dog. Obviously Bane ran over to say hi to the dog. I immediately followed him and tried to grab him by the collar and all this guy did was hold his dogs leash and glare at me when I apologized to him. Like, a death glare. Like an “I will fucking kill you” glare. And his dog was growling and snapping near my hand. And he didn’t say or do anything but glare.

This same dog is always off leash roaming the neighbourhood. On our way home from the walk, we accidentally walked by their house and their dog ran up to us and started growling and snapping at Bane. Nolan was right at face level, and the dog was ignoring my commands to leave it and go away. I had to position myself between this dog and Nolan and drag poor whimpering Bane down the street while this dog growled and carried on.

Nobody came out to get the dog away from us. Nobody apologized or anything.

But my friend has had a similar experience with them. I guess they used to have two dogs and when she was walking her dog they both came at her, only the guy and his dad were outside laughing their asses off while she panicked and tried to get away.

Ya. So. I think I have every right to be wary, intimated and afraid of these people and that dog. Considering every time I see him he gives me the death glare and the dog is just as scary, and always off leash.

Matt’s probably going to end up having a talking to with them because that shit ain’t cool. My dog may be on our property (that’s not fenced in) but I’m ALWAYS with him and he stays right at my side. If he happens to run to the street to meet dogs walking by, I’m there to immediately grab him and he NEVER growls at them. He only growls at scary big men in bulky coats or sweaters with hats or hoods up. Totally understandable.

Anyway, I meant to just say that we are officially done with the old house – and we are. So, that’s neat.


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