Keeping Up


We have been so busy the last few days that blogging has totally escaped me. I know, crazy huh? But there it is!

On Thursday, Archer and I had a play date with Nat and her little one, Cole. Archer was so grumpy from not having a nap that he had his first mega tantrum, like the scary terrible two tantrums you have nightmares about. Luckily, Nat knows what’s up and wasn’t bothered by my possessed demon child’s wails.



After they left, I had to go pick up some forms from the Doctors office. Of course, Archer finally decided to pass out while we were almost there. I had to carry him, half asleep, in my arms up to the receptionist’s desk to grab my forms, then back to the van, where he had a short and dreaded car nap. Lets face it – car naps are not actual naps. Children wake up crankier from car naps, and that he did. I was hoping to quietly enjoy my ice cap in the van while we waited in the school parking lot for 3:30 to roll around, but he woke up and freaked out.


I was able to entertain him for a little bit by letting him sit on my lap in the drivers seat (we were parked, and the car was off), but he soon grew tired of that. Then he decided, while we waited at the kindergarten yard, to jack my ice cap. When I asked for it back, he said “NUH UH! Mine!”. And that’s the story about how I bought an ice cap, had two sips and didn’t get to drink the rest.

On Friday, we did some fun things. We went to Tim’s to buy hashbrowns for breakfast and juice for Nolan’s lunch because I was fresh out. Bane came along for the car ride, and got to have a hashbrown too. I dropped him off at home before going to take Nolan to school, and then Archer caught some Z’s before we went to Walmart with Nana Kim.


We did some shopping and then grabbed some Thai food, because I had one of those horrible cravings that just wouldn’t quit.


It was so worth it.

We also had to pick Matt up from work, because his regular ride left early for a wedding. Bane came along for the ride, and on the way home we made a couple stops. Nolan really had to pee, and then really wanted to stop and look at the horses.





It was the first time in a long time that we took our time and stopped to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Bane is beginning to really enjoy car rides too, which is great because we are hoping to go up north in a couple weekends.

On Saturday, Matt had to work again. I spent the morning cleaning and catching up on laundry, and when he came home we went to his grandparents house to visit with his relatives that were down from Britain. It was a lot of fun, Nolan really took to Nana Kim’s cousin and was by her side pretty much all evening.

We left for home around 8, and both the boys went down to bed fairly easy. Last night also marked the third night in a row of Archer sleeping through. Knock on wood that it continues, because all this “extra” sleep I’m getting is doing wonders for my patience.

Today, I believe, the children and I are going to do a whole lot of nothing. Maybe go for a walk, explore the area some more, that kind of thing. Matt has a date with our old house and he will likely have the van, so my plans to take the kids to a BBQ fundraising won’t be happening but I’m alright with that. I just want to put the old house behind us.


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