School Picture Day!

Today is school picture day for Nolan! Naturally, I dressed him in his fanciest casual clothes and then proceeded to nearly pass out from the cute. Now I understand fan girls better, because seriously…



How could you not squeal over that button up top and that adorable sweater? It gets me every time. It’s Nolan’s get away with everything outfit.






I can’t wait to get back proofs! It’s our first school picture day ever so I’m a little excited.

The adorableness of Nolan aside, I’m so pleased that this morning he actually seemed excited to go to school. He was up at 6:40am and getting dressed by 7 without a fight.

Nolan’s adjustment to school has been hit and miss. He enjoys a lot of parts to it, but it’s a struggle to get him up and ready each morning. His teachers say he has difficulty getting ready for recess and coming back in, as he’s slower mobility wise than his classmates. But…all his classmates adore him and help him all the time.

So, he doesn’t like how fast he has to move, because he can’t move that fast. The days also take a lot out of him. But he enjoys the activities, his teachers, and his classmates.

Usually drop off is hard still, he’ll cry at the gate. But he didn’t today! Maybe because I told him I had to pee badly and couldn’t linger?


Archer is sick with a cold, so he’s rather miserable. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad! He’s cranky and yells at things and waves his finger at them. He can’t drink from his bottle because he can’t breathe, so he had to fall asleep last night by laying on the couch and covering his face with a blanket. I was stoked about that, because I’m hoping I can maybe ditch the bottle…maybe.


Today, I have to go over to the old house for a walk through and my anxiety about that is through the roof. I’ve craftily been avoiding thinking about it, but when I do…oh boy. I hate walk throughs. I don’t think our old landlords are the kind of people to try and heap ridiculous charges on us, but still. I’m nervous regardless.

We still have stuff to move over too…my friend is coming over to help me with a few loads today, so hopefully we’ll be able to get the boxes out of the house at least. That’ll leave just the washer, dryer, and the love seat my in laws are taking.

I just can’t wait to be done with moving.

I know, I say that every time don’t I? I mean it every time too. Well, until the next super awesome house find but I think we’re good here. It’s affordable and everything we’ve been looking for in a rental.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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