Little Talks & Little Walks

We’ve been fairly busy the last few days! Busy is good though. On Friday, I went costume shopping with J. I didn’t end up getting anything but I have a pretty good idea on what it is that I want to be.

On Saturday, JD came down for a visit with her man. We hung out in the morning, then they came back in the evening. J and another friend also came over to watch Sons of Anarchy.

On Sunday, we had a family shindig at my sisters, and came home somewhat early for a quiet evening in, just the four of us!



Monday was good as well. I dropped Nolan off at school and did some cleaning around home while Archer napped. When he woke up, we went for a walk to a local park and then to grampa’s!



I really love walking through the old part of town, it’s so scenic and lovely. We had a nice visit with A and my dad, and Bane had an awesome time running around in their back yard. When it came time to go, A drove me home because she knew how sore my heel was, and my dad walked Bane and Archer home. It was hilarious, I don’t think he’s ever really pushed a stroller and tried to control a dog…if he has, it hasn’t been for over 31 years! After moving into the country, stroller walks were never really needed. Not with all that space for the dogs and us to run around!


Bane is fairly good on walks, but sometimes he gets a little excited and over eager. He’s a good listener, but he’s a pup still and his “I wanna!” sometimes drives him. It’s amusing. He almost always has an inner battle with himself, because he wants to listen but he also wants to get that squirrel.

Tomorrow, our old landlord is doing a walk through of the old place and I am totally stressing and anxious about it. I mean, we didn’t destroy the place, but we did “love” it. It’s impossible to keep hardwood floors scratch free with two kids dropping toys all day. But they did say they expected that when they started renting to us…I guess I’m just nervous that they’ll try and charge us for things that landlords should really consider covering. Fresh paint, worn floors, that kind of thing. Our last place tried to charge us for candle wax and burns in the basement carpet that were already there when we moved in, because we didn’t ensure they added that to the list when they inspected the place before we moved in.

I know they didn’t do a lot of things they said they’d do, and we weren’t bothered by that. Hopefully they will remember that.

I know, I’m making it sound like we destroyed the house when we really didn’t but I’m just paranoid of something disastrous happening. It always does when we move somewhere! I’m just seriously hoping that maybe the whole dump truck axel thing was the major bad thing that happens this move, not bogus charges.

I just can’t wait until October 1st! Then I will be significantly less stressed and that’s always a good thing.

Also; I am not a fan of the new WordPress app for iOS7. Once you save a post as a draft it refuses to publish it. Plus it always publishes as password protected. Other than that I’m liking the iOS7 upgrades. WordPress just needs to fix their shit…


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