Oh Mrs. Moustache…

The other morning, Nolan had an epic meltdown about having to go to school…with huge tears and wailing included.

“I don’t want to go to school! Mrs. Moustache is there! She’s scary!” He sobbed, tears rushing down his cheeks like a waterfall.

“Nolan, who is Mrs. Moustache?” I asked, completely thrown off and terribly confused. “Is that really her name?”

“Yes! She’s a teacher lady! She’s so scary!” He cried.

I couldn’t figure it out. Up until this point, Nolan has loved every teacher he’s come into contact with. He isn’t exactly chipper to go to school in the mornings, mostly because he has to wake up so early and get dressed right away and he doesn’t have time to watch his shows or play, but once he’s at school he has a blast.

He mentioned Mrs. Moustache yesterday when I picked him up, but he wasn’t overly distraught. He just said she wasn’t very nice.

But who is this Mrs. Moustache? Is she an actual teacher? An EA? I can’t very well ask his teacher if there is a frightening teacher with facial hair stalking the corridor, terrifying children.

“Why is Mrs. Moustache scary Nolan?” I asked.

“Because! She’s mean and has a moustache.”

I did my best to defuse the situation by telling him that sternness isn’t meanness and that sometimes, girls can have moustaches and it’s not anything to be frightened of and that he shouldn’t point it out to her or call her Mrs. Moustache because he might hurt her feelings, but I’m not sure if that message got through to him or not, as he went on to cry about having to return his book to the library (he wants to keep it), and to cry about the fact that we were out of waffles.

Maybe it was just a weird morning? In any case, I really hope he doesn’t continue to have issues with Mrs. Moustache. I have no idea how I’d address this issue with the school at all…


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2 Responses to Oh Mrs. Moustache…

  1. lisalday111711 says:

    Poor guy….I am sorry I know this is a predicament but this one made me laugh. Good luck on finding out who the mysterious hairy lipped lady is

  2. Unsure "Adult" says:

    Reblogged this on Boo's & Ooo's and commented:
    Kids say the darndest things. 🙂

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