The Wheels on the Bus…


Since Nolan started school, my days have been very different. It’s surreal, really. I miss his presence throughout the day, I miss his little voice and his cuddles. But I know he’s learning so much, I know he’s having a blast…even if mornings are tough.

I’ve been able to do so much more than usual. It’s weird. My house is cleaner, I’m caught up on laundry, we’re pretty much done unpacking (pretty much, anyway).

This morning, I drove to Nolan’s bus stop. We went last night to talk to the bus driver and checked it out, and Nolan seemed excited. We talked all evening about how cool it would be to ride a bus, and he was happy because a classmate of his gets on at his stop.


He happily waited until the bus came, and he climbed the steps but then realized that I wasn’t coming with him and freaked out. Big, crocodile tears, heaving chest, and wide scared eyes. The older kids tried to coax him to a seat to sit with him, but he was not having it.

I ended up driving him, because I just couldn’t stand seeing him so sad and scared. I’ll probably drive him for another week or so.

We hugged and kissed goodbye, and he went to put his bag away. I was encouraged by the other, more experienced moms to dip out then, while Nolan was distracted. A family friend kept an eye on him for me while I waited and watched from the parking lot.

Apparently, he was good. Calmer. It’s my presence I think.

Archer and I had an “at home” day, while he napped (after a HORRIBLE night of sleep – each kid up every half hour or so ALL NIGHT LONG, no joke), I cleaned and reorganized the upstairs and the kitchen. I started dinner, but realized that the stove wasn’t working. The landlord came to fix it but I didn’t have time to cook before Nolan’s Meet the Teacher night, so the kids had McDonalds.

Nana Kim came with us, and Nolan eagerly showed us his classroom and art projects.



His teachers said that Nolan is enjoying school. He gets distracted really easily and always wants to tinker, and his selective hearing kicks in for them too, but it’s only the first week of school. He’ll fall in line soon. Maybe. He IS a lot like his dad!

I’ve noticed a positive change in how Nolan interacts with Archer now, too. It’s sweet. They’ll play together nicer now than ever before. He explains to Archer what he’s doing, what he wants to do, and how to play along.




So that’s very good. Archer’s also stopped running around going “brother gone!”, he knows he’s at school at that we’ll pick him up later.

I worried that Archer would be bored during the day, but he’s really not. We play, he helps me clean, we cuddle, we go on miniature adventures in the back yard and run errands…we keep busy.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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