Moving Regression

For one whole month, Nolan was doing AMAZING with number 2s. He told me every time he had to go. He wasn’t afraid to do it. He didn’t argue or complain. He just…did it. I thought we had finally, finally crossed the line into Officially Potty Trained territory.

Then…Matt had the accident at work, and Nolan went back to hiding in corners to poop in his underwear, and back to holding it for as long as he could. He went back to screaming at me every time I had him sit on the toilet. He regressed, almost back to square one. Back to me washing out countless pairs of underwear and beating myself up because surely I am doing something wrong. Back to me forgetting my cardinal rule; every kid is different.

Oh, but it’s so hard when it’s your kid that’s different, when it’s your kid that’s still crapping his pants at 4. It’s so hard to remember that he won’t be doing this in college. Well…I hope, anyway.

Yesterday, he finally pooped in the toilet for the first time in weeks. I caught him in time, and I made him sit on the toilet while I had a quick shower. For some reason, that worked.

I think the most frustrating thing, for me anyway, is that he won’t tell me. I have to catch him. I have to ignore the protests and make him sit there long enough while he tells me “go away, I don’t want to be around you ever again!”

But…at least he pooped, because when he tries to hold it in, it’s nothing but extreme grouchiness, several pairs of dirty underwear, and an empty tank of patience on my part.

I’m fully expecting the actual, physical move to send him back into a regression as well. Any amount of change seems to do that, anything slightly off kilter, really.

There’s going to be a lot of change, a lot of things off kilter. A new house, sharing a room with his brother for the first time ever. I’m praying it all goes well. I’m not delusional, I know there will be a very real adjustment period, but I hope Archer takes comfort knowing Nolan’s there and that Nolan will ignore any possible wake ups Archer may have.

I should probably start stocking up on wine now.


Speaking of the new house…things are finally coming together. I think I’m done painting everything now, except for the hallway upstairs and the bathroom — but Matt needs to fix the dry wall and put in a new shower liner (all will be reimbursed by the landlord).

I did the second coats on the bedroom ceilings and edging in the play room last night. Today, I’ll go over and take the tape off and check it out, but I’m pretty sure it’s done.

I also need to finish lining the drawers in the kitchen, and try to recruit some help for the actual moving day.

But here’s a sneak peek…




I need to take it easy today. I’ve been doing so much lately. My pain is incredibly overwhelming and bad right now. When every movement hurts, it’s time to take a rest…only you know me. I can’t really rest. I’m going to do some light packing, and maybe line those drawers. No painting for me though! Scouts honour.


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2 Responses to Moving Regression

  1. MeglyMc says:

    Ugh…I always WANT to paint, and then, right about the time that I’m taping off…I realize what a bad effing idea the whole thing was. By the time it’s time to do the trim, I’m so totally done. My guest bathroom had painters tape and an unfinished ceiling edge for the three years between me starting…and me moving (still might be that way…noooo idea), and I used the excuse that I was afraid of heights, and couldn’t climb that high on the ladder.

    • Jess says:

      Haha there is still painters tape everywhere and I’m pretty sure the ceilings need to be repainting from all the roller marks but I don’t care….I’m done haha.

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