Five on Friday {1}

I keep seeing this link up on the Internet, but every time I think to join in, it’s way past Friday! This week, I’m determined though.

So, here goes it!

My Five.

I love going on random, impromptu dates with my handsome husband! We didn’t get to do that often since moving here, because our funds were always so stretched. Now that we are downsizing, we can occasionally go out on big dates!




Last Friday night, after we finished mudding our new place, Matt took me to a Thai restaurant in town. I had my regular beef Pad Siew, he had the lemongrass chicken stir fry, and we split a delicious deep fried cheesecake. It was nearly orgasmic, it tasted so good! Even though I was totally underdressed (seriously. Grey sweat pant capris covered in mudding and a Victoria’s Secret tank top, plus I’m pretty sure I had mudding in my hair…go me), it was a lot of fun. I’m excited to get to do that semi-regularly again!

Nolan had his first day of school yesterday. I’ve been a crazy mess of emotions this week, up until I watched him pretty much run into his classroom without so much as a backwards glance. He really loves school and is sad he can’t go today. (They’re having another set of junior kindergarteners come in today, then they will all start going full time on Monday).

I’m so excited to garden! Our new place has a massive vegetable patch. Our neighbour is going to teach me what all the different plants are and when to harvest them, and how to can them. Next year, we want to grow pumpkins!

I’ve been in a lot of pain lately. So much so that I’m shocked I’m still ‘standing’, trying to push through all the things I need to do. I can’t stop now, we’re almost there. But I am sore, and whiny, and full of complaints. Sorry about that.

I’m really hoping we can find enough help to do most of the moving stuff over to the new place this weekend. I’d kind of like to be there by next weekend at the latest. Today’s chores are finishing up what painting I have left to do, the bedroom ceilings and edging in the playroom, and then I’ll start packing up clothes. I’ll leave a few outfits for each of us, but the majority of our clothes will be packed up. Same goes for the decorative nic knacks.

There’s still a little more to do after that – the bathroom and hallway, but that can be done during the week. So long as everything else is done, and so long as we can start the actual moving in process, I’ll be happy and significantly less stressed.

So, there’s my 5. Now to get a “move” on with today.


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25. Mother. Wife. Lover of words. Weaver of stories. My first book, Collide, is available in e-book for Amazon Kindle and Kobo.
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