The Kindergartener

Today was Nolan’s first day of kindergarten.




I was incredibly nervous with how it would all go. Nolan slept in my bed last night, he was nervous and anxious about going to school and not having daddy, Archer and I with him there.

I was mainly anxious about drop off. I was worried we would both cry. I knew he’d end up having a great day, but thought drop off would be difficult.

Drop off went fairly well though! Nana Kim, Archer and I dropped Nolan off (Matt’s pain was super bad this morning, so he stayed home). We were one of the firsts to arrive. Nolan and Archer played in the play yard with some other kids while Kim and I talked to another mom who was dropping her kid off for his first day of junior kindergarten too. Nolan made friends with her son, and they played for a bit.

The yard started to fill up, and my sister arrived with my nephew. Nolan was so excited to see Xman! They aren’t in the same class, but they’ll play together at recess.

Soon it was time to line up, and Nolan was the first kid inside! He didn’t even say goodbye. I was worried he’d cry when it came time to go inside, but ya, not even a backwards glance!

When Kim was buckling Archer into his carseat, Archer looked towards Nolan’s empty carseat and said “gone? Brother gone?” all sad like.

Throughout the day, while I painted at the new house, Matt said Archer searched around our current house for Nolan. “Brother? Brother gone?”

But he didn’t cry too much, so that’s good.

When I went to the school to pick Nolan up, the kindergarteners were in the kindergarten yard playing. At 3:30, they had to line up and go inside to get their bags, and they were only allowed out of the room when their parents were there to pick them up (except those who were taking the bus).


Nolan had a great day, according to his teacher. He was unable to get comfortable on the floor so we are looking into some kind of cushion or chair he can sit in. He was also restless a lot, due to not being able to get comfortable, but he had a blast with the other kids. He’s super tired now, but he’s excited to go back!

He has tomorrow off, and then he goes full time starting Monday.

Funny of the day: Nolan came home with the wrong shoes. They were the same ones I sent him in, only they were three sizes too big! Guess I’m going to have to mark his shoes with huge N’s in the tongue so he knows.

I feel bad for the poor kid that stuffed his size 10 feet into a size 7 pair of shoes.


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6 Responses to The Kindergartener

  1. i’m glad he had a great day 🙂

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  3. holleyrogers says:

    My little boy just started kindergarten as well. He ran into the classroom and faced it head on without even a glance back. I wanted to cry, lol, but I am so glad he was happy. 🙂

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