When You Feel Like Nobody “Get’s It”

I wrote this today over at my Bumpy Bones blog.

I’m going to start posting there semi-regularly about the MHE related happenings (in greater detail), so follow me there as well!

Bumpy Bones

Note: I was going to write a post about all the updates since 2007, but this week happened. And I wrote this instead. 

Chronic pain is an interesting thing. You can feel it, oh boy you can feel it, but you can’t often explain it. At least, not to unwilling ears.

I’ve composed several Facebook statuses reading “someone, please come and walk the dog for me” that I’ve promptly deleted because I can just imagine the ‘advice’ I’ll get.

“Take the kids with you when you walk the dog! I do it all the time, it’s easy!” Well, yes. That does seem like the simple solution, doesn’t it? Trust me when I say I have, indeed, thought of that.

My dog weighs nearly 50 pounds. My toddler weighs about 25, maybe 30. My older son weighs the same. I only have a single stroller, which the toddler would have…

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